The Suggested Twin Bed Headboards Designs

The headboard is much more than just a decorative accessory of your bed. It is an important elemnt of the bed that provides protection for the mattress. Interior designers and feng shui consultants strongly recommend the use of a bed head. Designers claim that it is a great support and protection for the mattress, while feng shui consultants point out the importance of the headboard for the quality of your sleep and the stability in your relationship.

Bedheads add comfort, warmth and texture to the décor in your bedroom and contribute in creating a peaceful atmosphere. Whatever your reason for buying a twin bed headboard might be, you should know that the bed head Australia retailers offer an extensive range of this piece of furniture in terms of size, style, colour, material, etc. This means you can easily find a twin bed headboard to match your bedroom décor. But with so many headboard styles to choose from, choosing the best one is not easy.

In order to help you select a good design that completes your bed and matches the rest of the bedroom furniture, we’ve created a list of different types and styles. Before heading to your favourite bed head Australia store, consider our suggestions.

Upholstered Headboard


The upholstered bed heads are available in a variety of styles, materials, colours and designs. This design of twin bed headboard is perfect for all those who prefer headboards with round edges. It also comes in endless options in terms of shapes (round, square, with round edges, etc.) and sizes (in terms of height and width).

Bookcase Headboard


If you cannot get a good sleep without reading a good book prior to going to bed, then the bookcase headboard is what you need. Aside from your books, these twin bed headboards provide enough storage place for other items, such as book frames, alarm clock, phones, tablets and other decorative items. The bookcase bed heads Australia retailers offer are typically made out of wood, which is often complemented with oak, maple or pine finish.

Metal Headboard


A good metal headboard with straight lines and a simple design will make a big difference in your bedroom. The metal bed head will add style and character to your bedroom. If your goal is to achieve a sophisticated aesthetic appeal that accentuates the timeless design, go with a metal headboard.

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