The Suggested Uniform Must-Haves for Your Beach Resort Team

With the breathtaking coastline marked by long sandy beaches, amazing ocean views, and incredibly hot weather, it’s not surprising Australia is a country that’s a hit among tourists, both national and international alike. The increasing interest in visiting the beautiful coast would explain why there’s so much competition when it comes to the hospitality industry and the number of beach resorts.

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Staying ahead of the competition is imperative for business success. The modern-day workplace has certainly undergone considerable changes over the years, even to the point of shifting towards a more relaxed dress code rather than the more formal one from before, but that doesn’t mean uniforms are unwelcome. Having stylish and practical beach resort uniforms for your staff would make a world of difference for you, the business, and the people you work with.

Choose the Uniform Based on the Climate

Looks matter, and yet they won’t matter all too much unless you also consider the fabrics of the clothes. Given that resorts are located at the coastline, we can expect there to be plenty of sunny days, so it’s advisable to use this as the main point for choosing suitable beach resort uniforms for your team.

Anything that is breathable, comfortable to the skin, and easy to care for, in the example of organic cotton, and bamboo, as well as these plus a small percentage of synthetics for the perfect blend, is recommended for resort wear that’s also on the luxurious side. This goes even for accessories and finishing pieces in the likes of aprons. A relaxed fit, whether it’s with jeans, pants, shirts, or dresses, is the ideal pick for the setting that’s supposed to ooze with a sense of relaxation.

Don’t forget to consider a change of clothes too, and if your resort works well beyond the summer season, it’s suggested to opt for some warmer pieces as well but make sure they match well with what you’ve already got in terms of summer wear. This refers to design, and style, as much as colour since all these details are significant for the end result.

Pick Out Clothing Pieces Suitable for the Jobs

Much like any hotel, a resort is a place where there are different kinds of jobs that your staff is in charge of, and what better way to make them distinct from one another than by providing them with suitable resort uniforms which would further be of help to the guests.

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The uniforms will not only help you out with conveying a professional image, but they can also promote the business, and add to the comfort of the employees while at the same time boosting the morale and sense of belonging to a team, making them feel more confident in what they do.

Be sure to do the math, and try not to leave out anyone. Consider everyone from the valet and bell people, the front desk staff, the managers, to the restaurant workers like chefs and waiters, and housekeepers.

The range of resort roles comes with its own needs and necessities, so keep in mind what each of these teams requires in terms of comfort. When the weather is extremely hot, people outdoors, like the valet and bell people, may require more breathability with the clothes than people who are only indoors in a climate that’s airconditioned.

Also, when the weather isn’t all that warm, these same people will require more warmth for the outdoor job than those indoors. On the other hand, those who get to do the cleaning, needing to do a lot of walking, bending, and reaching, would find it imperative to wear uniforms that are flexible and don’t restrict the wearer’s movements.

Invest in Stylish Looks

Just because we’re discussing the resort staff uniform doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Gone are the days when uniforms were associated with boring tones or pieces that had nothing stylish. The work apparel of today is fashionable as much as it is practical, but you can also take it a step further by creating signature looks with the use of some accessories.

You can choose the pieces yourself, or leave matters in the staff’s hands so they can have some say in their resort looks and add something that matches their personalities. With men, this could be a choice of belts, footwear, and watches, and with women, it could be scarves and minimalist jewellery. Together as teams, they could have matching apron straps, logo pins, or even embroidery that connects them to the brand.

The way you organise and style the resort staff uniform is an opportunity to make a statement about the atmosphere you’re trying to create, as well as show how much you value your employees. Not only does this reflect on the brand, but it also provides team-building opportunities, which can help to boost morale and productivity.

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