The Suggested Ways to Find the Perfect Light Shades for Your Home

Today, most homes are pre-wired for a ceiling light fixture in the center of each room. Whether you’re redesigning your entire home or building a new one, it’s a good idea to concentrate on one room at a time. Your choice of light fixture can make or break the room design, and here are a few ways you can find the perfect one.

Ceiling lights provide a central glow to any room and add to the beauty of your home interior. You can choose from a wide range of designs, shapes and styles that match the size of the room and give the kind of lighting you need but also complement the overall appearance. The following are different types of ceiling light shades and their uses.



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Chandeliers are the best choice if you wish to add a classic touch to your room. They’re mostly used for ambient lighting, perfect for living rooms or dining rooms. A chandelier will add a soft glow to the room and can easily become the focal point that will bring the entire space together. Chandeliers are available in many different styles, from classic and vintage to contemporary and minimalist, to match every type of home interior design.

When it comes to chandeliers, it’s important to properly adjust their height. Ideally, the lowest part of the chandelier should be at 30 inches above the table. If it’s higher it may seem too small for the room, and if it’s lower in can make the room look smaller. For a more traditional appearance, you can opt for a chain-hung fixture, while a suspension chandelier that stays closer to the ceiling will give a modern approach to any room.


Pendant lights are stylish and they serve as a light source, as well as a decorative element for the room. Most commonly, ceiling light shades add a touch of refinement and elegance to rooms with tall ceilings, over a dining table, kitchen island, reading corner, or stairwell. This type of light shades is available in many different designs, sizes and styles and can be installed as a single piece or in a line of multiple lights. They’re a very popular choice of home lighting solutions, providing both ambient and functional light.

Flush Lamps

Flush lights are mounted right up against the ceiling and can be installed anywhere you need them. They don’t take up much space and their compact design offers a clean and sleek look to any room. This type of light shades is a great choice for rooms with a low ceiling.

Semi Flush Lamps

This type of pendant light shades is a mixture of both pendants and flush lamps. However, they take up less vertical space and are a decorative and functional addition to the room. Most commonly, they can be seen in kitchens and dining rooms.

Track Lights

Track lights are a series of small light heads or lamps arranged on a long track system. They can be moved and directed to different areas of the room, a stylish and modern solution for various home interior designs.

Types of Ceiling Lights by Material

The material of your ceiling light shade can determine if your choice of lighting fits the tone and the atmosphere of the room. These are some of the most popular material for ceiling lights lately.

Glass – Glass is the most popular material for pendant shades because it diffuses the light perfectly throughout the room. It’s functional and decorative solution that can easily blend with your home décor.

Metal – As a material for light fixtures, metal is becoming more popular lately and is a perfect choice for modern home designs. Most commonly, this type of ceiling lights can be seen in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, as well as bedrooms, giving a contemporary approach to the appearance of the room.

Crystal – When it comes to ceiling light fixtures, crystal is known as the material used for chandeliers. It’s a delicate material, but if you’re going for an elegant touch of your room design, it’s the best choice you can make.

Fabric – Fabric lamp shades create a warmer effect and a chill mood, so they’re mostly used in bedrooms. The colour of the fabric can impact the ambience and how noticeable the fixture is in the room.

A Few Ceiling Lights Designing Tips and Ideas


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Choose your ceiling lights depending on the style you want to achieve for your home design. Is it modern, traditional, old-fashioned or minimalist? Make sure your lighting blends well with your home, so it will remain for many years and won’t become outdated or out of style.

Ceiling light fixtures are the trendiest solution these days, and they are the focal point of almost every room. Offering a subtle statement and adding a sense of warmth, they can make your home look complete and cosy, too. Pendant lights illuminate any room and provide the ideal ambiance to modern homes that need powerful and stylish lighting option for interior décor.

Pendant lights are versatile, and installing them above a table is a great arrangement for your dining room or living room. These lights can create the central spot of the room with an ease, reflecting your personal taste and style. Apart from tables, very often ceiling light fixtures are used over kitchen islands, which is a great idea as they can provide enough light for cooking and food preparation activities.

For bedrooms, pendant lights are mostly used to add accent lighting to the room, making it look relaxing and unique at the same time. Many times, they can be used in a corner desk or a reading hook, allowing you to create the ideal spot for spending some time off whenever needed.

When looking for ceiling lights for your home, make sure to have a list of measurements by size, but also colour and style that can help you choose easily.

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