Throttle Controller: the Ultimate Performance Enhancer for Your Jeep

For the longest time, vehicles accelerated by pressing the acceleration pedal, which was connected to a mechanical cable leading to the engine’s ECU. But in the last few decades, this method has been replaced by what is known as drive-by-wire or throttle-by-wire method. The use of this system did not become mainstream up until recently, but it has proven its benefits over the years with all sorts of vehicles including Jeeps. Older models that make use of a mechanical cable to control the throttle are proven to not be as efficient.

Using the drive-by-wire method, your Jeep is capable of accelerating a lot faster, which is important when towing a heavy load. While there are many ways to make a 4×4 more powerful, installing an aftermarket throttle controller is one of the most affordable and easily implemented ways to do so. With a Jeep electronic throttle control your Jeep can accelerate much faster. But how is this possible?

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How Does an Electronic Throttle Controller Work?

The terms drive-by-wire, fly-by-wire or throttle-by-wire all refer to a system comprised of two sensors that read the pedal position and a throttle position sensor. The electronic throttle control Jeep has both of these sensors working together to translate the input of the driver into the accelerator pedal movement. This movement is then translated into a voltage signal and sent to the engine control unit which then reads the signal and adjusts the position of the throttle. There is no mechanical cable that withstands any stresses and becomes stiffer and thus negatively impacts the performance of the vehicle. This results in better performance in the long run and a longer-lasting engine.

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Are Throttle Controllers Bad for Your Car?

Something that a lot of owners of older generation cars have struggled to understand is whether or not installing a throttle controller is actually worth it. Some think throttle controllers are bad for their vehicles since they come as an aftermarket product but in fact, they aren’t. If installed and set up correctly a throttle controller can improve the throttle response and thus make your Jeep run better. Aftermarket throttle controllers come with a few different settings, such as economy, performance, normal and automatic control mode.

How Do I Install a Throttle Controller?

Installing an electronic throttle control Jeep is quite easy. Most of the time, you won’t have to perform any heavy modifications. This is especially true with the iDrive throttle controller, one of the most popular models on the market which is available for a wide range of vehicles, including Jeeps.

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  1. First, you’ll need to find the factory throttle plug on your Jeep, which can be located in a different location for different models, so it’s best to check your Jeep’s owner’s manual.
  2. Once you’ve found the plug remove it from the pedal and fit the one that came with the throttle controller. Then fit the factory pedal plug in the plug that came with the controller – there is usually a separate place for it.
  3. When you’re done plugging things, take the wire coming from the plug you just installed and lead it up to the dash. When you have the wire through, fix the unit somewhere on the dash where it won’t be in the way of other controls and connect it. For the best results, you can set the controller on auto-mode and it will adjust the throttle control automatically as your drive.

Are Throttle Controllers Worth It?

The simple answer would be – yes, they are totally worth it. But you probably want to know why? The main reason is that they make your vehicle’s accelerator pedal more responsive, which is especially important when towing a big load. As mentioned above, your Jeep needs that extra push, the extra acceleration to make towing much easier.

By adjusting what is essentially a valve (throttle control plate) with the help of small electrical impulses, you’re able to tap into your Jeep’s true potential. You can fine-tune how your Jeep acts on the road, be it on bumpy roads or smooth asphalt, you can take advantage of it in an instant, just make sure you’re ready for the switch.

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Instead of spending money on a brand new vehicle, why not invest in a device that adds the same system found in newer Jeeps for less? If you’re an amateur driver, you won’t lose control of your Jeep as easily thanks to this innovative system.

There are devices that offer adaptive cruise control, electronic stability control, and even hill-assist, alongside throttle control. You even get extra functionality which is more of a reason to get a throttle controller instead of another more expensive aftermarket accessory or modification. With a drive-by-wire throttle device, you make your vehicle more reliable and safer to drive while being more economical and less of a pain to control.

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