Tips and Suggestions to Make Your Older Dog More Comfortable in Their Bed

Dogs, like any other living creature on this planet, need good sleep. And just like us, these little buddies need a quality bed to snooze in. Maybe when they were small pups things were easier; you’d take them in bed with you and they were napping without a care in the world. But, it’s important for your dog to have their own bed and their little area of privacy where they will relax and rest.

If you have an older dog or dog that suffers from arthritis, you should consider getting them an orthopedic dog bed. These beds offer suitable support to the core points. The stuffing should be rich so the doggo can feel comfortable, but also warm and cozy. No matter how old your dog is, warmth should never be an issue, especially during the cold months.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can always ask your vet about suggestions, but until then, here are several things to consider when visiting dog bed arthritis Australia stores.

Make Getting Up Easy

An older dog with arthritis will have trouble getting up. The pain may be excruciating, so instead of the bed being a comfortable and cozy place to sleep, they might start avoiding it. This means that you should consider getting them flatbeds with enough filling so the dog won’t have to jump in and out. If your dog suffers from arthritis, he will experience pain in his joints, so you should do your best to reduce any activity that will put pressure on them.

Consider Extra Comfort


When checking out dog bed arthritis Australia stores, be sure to look for beds that offer extra comfort. The padding should be soft, and ideally, memory foam will work miracles. Since the bed will be placed on the floor, it should be comfortable enough so the hard floor doesn’t put any pressure on the already painful joints.

Besides the flat surface where they will lay down, get them a bed with supportive sides filled with soft cushioning. This is a wonderful option since it will support your dog’s back and head, which is crucial when as they are getting older. The back and head support will allow them to feel snuggled and they can easily adjust these as they want.

The Right Dog Bed Height


When dogs are young and playful, they love jumping, running and fooling around. Nothing seems like a burden and no obstacle such as heights (bed, chairs and their beds) seem like a challenge. But, once the doggo gets to a certain age, a tall bed might be a problem. Also, if your dog is a small breed (with short legs) this could be an issue. The last thing you want is to invest in an expensive bed that your furry friend can’t use because they are in pain.

You will come across various models that are cute and have a great design. However, if the dog bed is tall, your dog will have to lift their legs high or even jump a bit to get inside. This will be a huge challenge for your doggo and will make their daily life more difficult. The ideal option is an orthopaedic dog bed that has no tall edges, is big enough and is filled with soft and supportive cushioning.

Soft, Warm and Supportive


No matter how warm your home is, the dog bed will be on the floor. And the temperature on the floor is always lower than in the rest of the room. This means that besides softness and support, the bed should be made of soft and fluffy materials that will keep your dog warm. The soft fillings of ergonomic memory foam are an ideal choice.

They will conform to the shape of your dog’s body and will emit warmth once the dog lies down. The foam is also supportive so this feature won’t lack as well. The design should be suitable for your dog’s breed as well. It shouldn’t be too tall and should have supportive sides so the dog’s back and spine are well supported.

Bottom line is, no matter how old your dog is and no matter if they have any health condition such as arthritis, be sure to get them a supportive and orthopedic bed. If the dog is young, the orthopedic bed will help them develop healthily, and if they have any health issues, it will reduce the pain.
Make sure to always place the bed near a source of heat (in the cold months) so your furry friend stays warm and cozy all day long.

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