Versatile Blazers: The Suggested Staple for a Stylish Woman’s Wardrobe

Although a woman’s wardrobe may be more versatile and vast than a man’s, there’s still a man’s clothing piece that’s an integral part of this versatility and vastness, and it’s none other than the mighty blazer. Slowly but surely, they’ve become staples in the women’s closet as a symbol of rebellion. Over the years, it’s changed in structure as much as colour, getting a feminine makeover.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find stylish blazers and women’s jackets in various designs, fit for every taste and occasion. Whether you’re up for something more structured and traditional with buttons or something that breaks away from the classic in the form of a more feminine button-less cropped version, it’s possible to find it. The fabrics vary too, from linen and satin to velvet and leather, and everything in between, such as lighter synthetics in the likes of polyester and thicker in the likes of wool, so you’re not short of options year-round.

Why Should Women Wear Blazers?

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If you’re looking for a piece that helps you create an outfit that looks put-together, and is comfortable at the same time, this is it. Modern blazers are very adaptable, allowing you to style them up or down, and incorporate them into many of your outfits. Whether it’s for work or leisure, it’s possible to include them as your go-to options thanks to their versatility.

The Blazers women’s jackets can be worn with tailored pieces for a professional vibe perfect for the office, a job interview, or a formal event, just as much as they can be worn with casual pieces for a relaxed yet fashionable outfit for a day or night out. You can have fun layering them with tank tops as well as sweaters, with pants as much as with skirts and gorgeous dresses, creating structured and vibrant looks throughout the year.

With this in mind, you can be sure that if you have a favourite, you can wear it as a transitional piece to fit your looks from day to night, and from season to season. What you can be certain of is creating a unique look that makes you stand out. The practicality of blazers for women spans more than the way they assist you with styling; they’re the ideal choices if you want to boost your confidence too.

Much like the Wonder Woman pose that’s known to amp up your self-confidence and sense of power, clothing essentials like blazers are impactful pieces you can swear by to feel good in your skin. Look your best, feel your best! If you’ve never invited blazers into your closet and needed some reasons to do so, now you have them. 

How to Style Women Blazers?

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While blazers are fashionable, what you wear them with can make a huge difference. For a classic combination you can wear on both smart casual and casual occasions, you can always add jeans to the mix. A relaxed-fit jean design worn with a regular T-shirt, or even a sophisticated camisole or button-down shirt, works great with your favourite blazer. 

If it’s the case with a boxy or oversized blazer, then keep balance in mind. To make for a striking result, wear the blazer unbuttoned, the shirt tucked in the jeans, and structure with a belt with a buckle that suits your jewellery and other accessories, like a bag, in finish and style for a cohesive outcome. Don’t be afraid to wear casual footwear like sneakers, as white sneakers make for a combination you can wear time and time again. 

Sophisticated footwear, like a pair of Oxfords or loafers, is also great here. If you want to emphasise your waist more, then it’s advisable to consider wearing a short, i.e., cropped ladies’ blazer that’s perfect for shorter ladies who want to create the illusion of height. This type of design can easily be styled with long skirts and dresses for an ultra-feminine look. If you prefer to wear it with pants, consider the wide-leg trousers as a neat option. 

Should you choose to wear shorter skirts and dresses, then it’s also best to look into tailored women’s blazer jackets. You can wear them unbuttoned or even buttoned with a sophisticated belt over them for a stunning result. They’re great for women who love wearing slim jeans and trousers too.

For a gorgeous summer look that you can wear over and over again at festivities and parties, consider pairing the blazers with shorts. A fun blazer and shorts set is an option to splurge on, but so is a striking cut-out blazer design. You can experiment with colour combinations that are of the same hue, or even different for a signature look teamed up with your choice of sandals or heels.

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