Weight Loss: Suggestions on How to Make it Through the Journey

Feeling unsatisfied with your shape and fitness, and think you could do with losing some weight? The struggle is real, but best of all is you’re not alone and this itself should be motivating enough to keep you on your weight loss journey.

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Often times, the problem isn’t in food but our emotional impulse behind it which is what leads to constant weight gain, and it could be anything, from dealing with some personal struggle to being a solution to daily stress. While it might take a while to work on the emotional part, there are ways to cut down on the food intake and beat the habit of overeating or binge-snacking.

Reduce the Hunger

Many of us dealing with weight loss ask ourselves what helps suppress appetite and the answer is quite simple: appetite suppressant. It can be the solution you need to put your eating urges under control. Such suppressants are pills made to be of help with maintaining healthy weight and at the same time provide you with the needed energy for keeping up with a workout routine.

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To be able to make the most of this option, it’s important to look for pills containing nutrients that come from plant extracts in the likes of green tea and Garcinia cambogia essential in helping promote healthy eating patterns, so not just anything would do.

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Still, even when you find your ideal suppressant, it’s important to remember it’s not a substitute for proper diet, but should be used in combination with healthy eating habits for best results. Apart from an appetite suppressant, there are other ways how to suppress appetite, for instance with ingredients you already have at home. Did you know spicy food, specifically peppers can slow down your eating?

Yes, on the plus side, they’re also great with relieving headaches and migraines, so you have the green light in having more of them on your menu. Now, how about chia seeds, do you like them? They should also be among your favourites considering the amount of fibre they have, responsible for reducing appetite.

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In addition, it’s advisable to increase your water intake, specifically having a glass or two before meals, since it’s an effective way in helping you eat less while also staying hydrated. Moreover, sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger and even when you think you’re hungry, chances are you might be just thirsty instead so drink up!

Adopt Mindful Eating Habits

Minding what you eat is just one way to making it in the weight loss journey, the other being mindful with your eating. The next time you eat, take a minute to process the whole concept of eating, how each and every ingredient and nutrient is useful with helping you reach your ideal fitness and weight goals, as well as why it’s important to start eating slow instead of eating like throwing stuff to fill up a trash can.

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The reason for this is because eating fast doesn’t let your brain process that you’re already full which is why you end up feeling hungry soon after whereas when you take some time to chew up every bite properly, you allow yourself to feel full when you are. In case you’re finding it difficult to make the change, all you have to do is get in the habit of chewing more!

Keep a Food Diary

Keeping a journal isn’t just for teenage girls you know, and it can prove to be helpful in tracking your eating and overeating or binging snacking habits, while also being useful in letting you cut down on them in time. Also, you’d be able to keep track of how your intake of appetite suppressant is going, the changes you see in your weight and health, and in making the right decisions each and every time you go grocery shopping.

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Want to be more rational instead of emotional? Well, writing down how you don’t have to eat the extra meal, an extra piece of cake, or eat between meals would prevent you from eating what you shouldn’t. In other words, the journal could be the means you’re looking for in dealing with the emotional side of the problem.

Find a Hobby

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Sometimes having too much time at hand and letting your thoughts roam free could be triggering the problem too, and the way to go about it is by doing something you love to keep your mind busy; it could be anything, from doing arts and crafts to exercising, running, going for long walks, taking photos of surrounding landscapes, and even trying out relaxing techniques, meditation or just spending more time in the company of loved ones.

The secret to why this works has to do with the fact when you do things you love you have more time for enjoyment and less time for stressing out. Even if it takes longer to reach your goals, it’s important not to give up!

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