What Heavy Duty Cases Do Pros Suggest as to Protect Your Equipment Best

Every music performer knows it: as long as the equipment is fully functional and in a good shape, there will always be inspiration for new and good music. The same goes for every other type of worker who uses heavy and expensive machinery: as long as the equipment is functional and doesn’t break causing damage from thousands of dollars, there’s no problem that can’t be solved. That brings me to my point: invest in quality equipment, but invest more in quality heavy duty cases. And no, don’t instantly try to save a few bucks by turning to layers and layers of bubble wrap; we both know it won’t help you as much as you would want to, especially if you have to transport it on long destinations.

heavy duty case

Heavy duty cases are suitable for keeping and transporting all kinds of musical instruments from guitars to large mixettes, antiques like head-turning expensive violins, and something as large as a drum machine. Also, heavy duty cases can help you store a number of tablets you’d need on your job site and even some engineering machines and elements which you wouldn’t be able to transport without damaging them. This brings me to my next point: these cases are very well designed to protect your equipment.

The first thing in that aspect is that the case allows you to protect the equipment from impacts and external influences like occasional spills. Now, the entire case may be a little bulky and thus a little uncomfortable to carry around, but considering the advantages, it’s worth the trouble. And from the fashionable point of view, the choice of colours and designs isn’t exactly large. Look at this from the bright side: you can easily show your creativity here and play with stickers. That being said, here are some of the models that are most popular among professionals.

Ncase Style Briefcase

This briefcase is of medium size, which means it won’t pose any problem to carry it around like the larger, bulkier designs. As such, it’s perfect for carrying small devices such as a laptop, tablets and other smaller pieces for your work needs. Made of laminated plyboard with heavy duty aluminium angles and hybrids and sprung handles, this case is perfect for construction managers, hardware maintenance teams and similar professions.

The Engineering Instruments Case

The other type of cases is the one that serves for the transportation of engineering instruments. This one is of course, larger and longer. Designed from the same quality materials like the briefcase, this one also has wheels, which makes the entire transportation process a lot easier along with being safe. Convenience at its finest.

Bottom line with the heavy duty cases is that you may have to compromise on the style and design in order to get the best possible protection of your instruments.

Aiden Jones

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