What Makes Bonnet Protectors Highly Suggested Accessories for Your Navara

Anyone who spends even a modest amount of time on the highway knows that you don’t have to be a hardcore off-roader to have your bonnet edge damaged. That’s why it’s no surprise that bonnets on utes like Nissan’s Navara ultimately need as much full-time protection as possible to continue looking their best.

Installing a tough, affordable, aftermarket bonnet protector is the ideal way to prevent harmful airborne debris from causing unsightly, and potentially costly damage to either your bonnet or windscreen. Unlike some aftermarket accessories, bonnet protectors aren’t just showy exterior pieces; and regardless of whether you spend the majority of your time driving on or off the road, they can make a big difference in helping to preserve your vehicle’s appearance and safety.

Understanding How Bonnet Protectors Safeguard Your Navara’s Front End

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Although there are a lot of aftermarket accessories that are designed to enhance the appearance and performance of utes like Nissan’s Navara, there aren’t many that are intended mainly for protection. A sturdy, impact-modified Navara D40 bonnet protector, however, is an accessory that’s designed especially to deter unwanted dents, dings, and chips from building up on the leading edge of your bonnet.

Make no mistake: a battered bonnet is more than just a persistent eyesore. Even the tiniest paint chip can be enough to allow dirt and moisture to slowly begin to delaminate, expose, and remove the basecoat from your bonnet. That’s why a heavy-duty 2.5mm acrylic bonnet protector that’s moulded specifically to fit any D40 and D22 Navara is the optimum accessory for safeguarding against:

  • Lightweight pebble and grit impacts that can scratch or grind through paint;
  • Strikes from larger stones and debris that can dent and score delicate panels; and,
  • Acidic bug and organic debris splatter that can eat through unprotected paint finishes.

The fact is, without a D40, or Navara D22 bonnet protector installed, there are any number of environmental factors that can take a progressive toll on both your bonnet and front end. Bonnet protectors aren’t just about preventing cosmetic damage, though. Your windscreen is exposed to everything that your bonnet is, which is why investing in the right bonnet protector can also help protect your windscreen.

Designing Bonnet Protectors That Also Protect Your Windscreen

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a stone or pebble get kicked up from the highway and strike a windscreen. And although it’s easy to dismiss a windscreen strike when it happens, the impact it could have can’t be ignored.

Any item of road debris that’s sizeable enough to damage your bonnet is also capable of having an effect on your windscreen, and the range of unanticipated problems that could be triggered include:

  • Deep cracks or spidering that can weaken the windscreen’s structure;
  • Surface delamination or abrading that could seriously impair visibility or impact driver perception; and,
  • The build-up of dirt, grime, and sediment on the surface of the windscreen.

Any of these situations could pose an immediate risk to your vehicle’s roadworthiness, as well as a potential safety risk. A Navara bonnet protector not only reduces the safety risk and the likelihood of receiving a vehicle defect for having a damaged windscreen, but also helps you to avoid the costly repairs that would be necessary to remedy the problem.

Superior Quality Protectors That Look as Good as They Perform

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Unlike the generic bonnet protectors that are ordinarily produced by aftermarket manufacturers, a high-quality Nissan Navara D40 bonnet protector is designed exclusively to match the shape leading and edge form of Nissan D40 and D22 bonnets. It’s their perfect fit that makes them so effective at deflecting airborne debris. Being effective though, doesn’t mean that they’re going to distract from your Navara’s good looks.

When it comes to aesthetics, custom Navara bonnet protectors feature:

  • An elegant, low-to-medium contour that doesn’t break the Navara’s aerodynamic profile;
  • Elevated positioning that prevents the protector from coming into contact with the bonnet; and,
  • A clear or dark UV and scratch-resistant finish that’s easy to clean and complements any Navara.

And when it comes to installing a D40, or Nissan Navara D22 bonnet protector, there’s also no cutting, drilling, or special tools required. Superior quality protectors simply clip onto your bonnet, and come complete with all the mounting hardware and fasteners you need to install one in under an hour.

Navara Bonnet Protector Sets That Protect the Entire Vehicle

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Although bonnet protectors can be purchased individually, you can also buy them in product sets that consist of a Nissan Navara bonnet protector, Nissan Navara visor weathershields, and Nissan Navara headlight protectors. These sets utilize the same durable 2.5mm acrylic throughout; and like the bonnet-only sets, they’re precision machined exclusively for D40 and D22 Navaras.

Trouble-free installation is a hallmark of well-engineered aftermarket Navara products, and these all-inclusive sets are no different. Each of these components is held in a position entirely by adhesives and non-abrasive clamps; and together, they form a selection of lightweight, UV-resistant products that are designed to:

  • Allow your Navara to fully retain its aerodynamic shape;
  • Reduce profile drag that can result in wind buffeting and increased fuel consumption; and,
  • Prevent the build-up of turbulence-inducing dirt and grime along the entire length of the vehicle.

Suffice it to say, it doesn’t matter if you spend more of your time on narrow gravelly tracks or wide open highways, you can count on these long-lasting Nissan Navara bonnet protector sets for serious environmental protection for your ute at all times.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the advantages that bonnet protectors have to offer are too good to ignore. Their performance is topped only by their simplicity, which makes them an aftermarket accessory that you can’t afford to do without.

An impact-modified Navara D40 bonnet protector will give your vehicle’s front end the full-time protection it needs to keep looking good. It’s the affordable alternative to costly paint touch-ups and repairs, and you’ll be glad you installed one on your Navara.

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