A Few Suggestions to Have In Mind When Considering Wood Flooring

When it comes to choosing the type of flooring for one’s home, wood always seems the best option, regardless of whether you’re considering vintage, traditional or modern interior design and décor. When it comes to wooden floors, there are two main options available – engineered wood and solid wood and below we’ll go over some of the features that set these two apart.

Engineered Wood Floors

The engineered wood floors are made of a veneer layer that sits on top of a plywood. These floors can handle moisture’s wet bite and are highly recommended for kitchens. Solid wood floors, on the other hand, are what you generally consider a hardwood floor. They are thick and solid planks of some kind of wood. However, it’s really important to have one thing in mind: once properly installed, engineered wood floors are hard to distinguish from a solid wood floor. They booth bring the natural wood look into your home and besides being two completely different things, they look very much alike. 

But what makes people choose an engineered wood floor over a good old solid one?

Probably the price and the hassle-free installing process. If you compare the prices of a solid wood floor and an engineered one, you’ll notice an enormous difference since solid wood can be pretty pricey and definitely not affordable for the majority. The engineered wood floors on the other hand are generally economical so people are attracted to the idea of buying something that’s both functional and beautiful at a reasonable price. If you take into consideration the installing process as well, then the engineered wood floors are definitely taking the lead.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing between an engineered and a solid wood floor are your living habits. Do you have children and pets? Are you often-times a party host or is the family frequently visiting you for a lunch or a dinner?

If you have a high-traffic house going with engineered wood floor is definitely the best option. You know you’ll have to clean the floors very often if you have children and pets at home, so opting for engineered wood floors will clearly be better for you since they are way more easy to maintain than solid wood ones most of all because of them being resistant to moisture.

Depending on the thickness on the top of the veneer and the quality of the manufacturer of course, an engineered wood floor can last from 30 to 100 years. This means that the characteristics on the top layer of the engineered wood floor will play a significant role for its longevity, so before you actually make the purchase make sure you ask all about the material and the way it’s manufactured as to ensure you’re going with a quality and durable flooring option.

Mia Hadson

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