Caravanning: Escape the Crowds and Get Closer to Nature

It’s usually during winter times that the Northern parts of Australia are most inhabited by campers, but for those of us who really can’t stand the freezing cold, summer is a way better alternative. The Northern Territory of Australia is particularly attractive for campers and people who love getting away from the concrete jungle and maintain a healthy contact with Mother Nature, while also admiring the amazing variety of the Australian wild world.




One reason to go on a caravanning for a week or more, is to see the Australian Dingo. The Dingo is Australia’s national icon, and as an Aussie it would be a shame for you not to see one in his natural habitat. Dingos are wild dogs in essence, although they look quite different and also behave differently. But, considering they are wild animals, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Although we like to believe that dogs in general are peaceful animals, wild dingos aren’t as much. Several accidents have been reported about dingo-attacks on campers in the wilderness of Northern Australia, which is why it’s recommended to admire them from a safe distance. Also, it is highly advised to keep food safely closed in the caravan and not to litter. Even if you do have good intentions, like leaving food for hungry animals, you’d be not doing any good to anyone and in the worst case scenario, you could get killed. Consequently, visiting these parts of the continent is best done in a caravan, so you’re not directly exposed to the strong jaws and claws of the dingo, like you would have been if you were in a tent, for example.


Now, caravanning is great: you get to see the wilderness, travel, take amazing photos and most importantly – get a good rest from the everyday life in the city. There’s a  study claiming that people who spend about a week in nature camping get their biological clock in order: they go to bed earlier and get up earlier. This of course, implies that you would be following the sunlight: going to bed as soon as it gets dark, and rising up with the sun.


Yup, I thought the same – who does that?!


As much as we want to go in ‘jungle-people’ mode when going camping so we really experience life without technology and electricity, it’s just not how we were programmed. It takes some time to change old habits and a very, very strong will. Congratulations to those who actually succeed in this, but the rest of us would stay with the convenience of electric light in our caravans until we fall asleep.




It’s important to have your caravan light fittings properly installed before you go caravanning. The right caravan light fittings would be very easy to install with pre-wired lamps and can be surface mounted. Whether you decide to have them installed on the inside or on the outside of the caravan, make sure you get fittings with a wide voltage range as these are best for free camping.


In case you want to go hardcore caravanning and explore the wild, undertaking the immense risk of being torn apart by wild animals, having the convenience of light would make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. You’d be able to function better in the caravan and even spend some wonderful time sitting in front of your caravan at night. So, light it up!

Aiden Jones

Aiden Jones is an Australian student and a freelance writer. When not studying, Aiden spends time reading about different industrial equipment, information technology (computers and networking) and sports. With his elegant writing, Aiden enriches readers with his personal perspective and never steers away from the hard truth.