Cosy Kitchen Corners: Some Suggestions on Choosing Breakfast Stools

Getting out of bed in the morning is much easier when you know there’s a cosy spot reserved for you to have your first cup of coffee. While kitchens can be large and small, believe me when I say that everyone can find the space to fit an intimate little breakfast nook that’s perfect for starting your day on a good note. And it’s easy to turn a corner of your kitchen into an inviting breakfast spot – just use your counter or add a ledge to the wall. Now the only thing that’s left for you to do is choose a set of gorgeous breakfast stools. Here are some great tips on how.


Size Up the Options

If you have a large kitchen, you can easily get away with breakfast stools that are bulky and eye-catching. Stools with backs and arms can look beautiful in large spaces, but mind that smaller kitchens can easily get overwhelmed by them. Height is a crucial factor and the general rule of thumb is to leave at least 20cm between the height of the seat and the breakfast bar surface. This way, people will have enough space to sit comfortably. Usually, bar stools tend to have seats that are 75cm or higher, and as such, they are the perfect height for most kitchen counters if you plan to use yours as a breakfast bar. For lower breakfast bars, you can even get away with counter stools which are approximately 60 cm off the floor.

Consider Additional Features that Enhance Comfort

If you find settling for a single height too hard, don’t worry as there are breakfast stools with adjustable seats. This way you can be sure your stools will accommodate people of all sizes and can be used with a variety of bars and tables. Keep in mind that adjustable stools tend to be made of metal or plastic, which can be a disappointment if you’re dreaming of a warm, wooden set.

There’s also the option of including a swivel seat, which is very convenient since you won’t have to pull the chair away to get in. Not to mention how having a swivel stool is useful when you’re talking with several people at the same time, or need to check on the food cooking on the stove, or the TV for that matter. If you want unmatched comfort, make sure to opt for models that include foot rests and back rests.

Materials Matter (Style, too!)

When it comes to choosing what material your breakfast stools will be made of, you need to account for both your kitchen’s overall style and your needs and preferences. If you’re not too keen on regularly cleaning your stools, choose a friendly material, such as leather, for the seats as no stain will ever stand a chance of sticking to leather. However, leather stools usually look best when matched with modern kitchens. For a more traditional interior, it’s best to stick to the classic charm wooden stools have. Lately, mixing materials for bar stools is very popular. For instance, stools made of chrome and walnut merge vintage charm with modern design which allows them to work in a variety of kitchen styles.

Mia Hadson

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