clamp-on ground resistance tester

What Makes Clamp On Testers the Suggested Resistance Tools?

Resistance testers have been a crucial part of electricity system maintenance, and one of the most convenient types of testers for quick and easy measuring are clamp on testers. A clamp on ground resistance tester can measure the current flowing through a conductor, by incorporating a current transformer which in turn displays accurate readings. Clamp… continue reading →

knife sharpener stone

The Suggested Knife Sharpening Method

The first time I tried sharpening my camping knife, I ended up completely messing up the edge and had to have a friend of mine who’s more experienced in the matter to fix it for me. I don’t mind that I messed it up because it was a pretty cheap, crappy knife anyway. But now… continue reading →


The Suggested Precision Tools For Any Workshop

No matter how small or large the task at hand, there is without a doubt a tool that is just perfect to help you tackle it. Exactly what the type of tool in question is, depends solely on the nature and enormity of the task itself. Nowadays there are automated machines that surpass the definition… continue reading →


Micrometers: The Suggested Precision Measuring Tools

In a toolbox, the micrometer is the weirdest-looking yet most versatile tool, and often the one that a building inspector or machinist will reach for first. The frequency of its use is neck and neck with some of the most popular test, measurement, and inspection tools. This is because it’s a device that’s very simple… continue reading →