Pet Relocation Services: The Suggested Solution for Your Pet’s Moving to Australia

If relocating to Australia seems like a huge step to make, it’s even bigger when you have to do so with a pet. Along with all the packing up, and arranging transport, there’s also the fact you’d have to face a great deal of bureaucracy. Even if you do a bit of research of your own on the internet, you may not find all the information you require to make the relocating process hassle-free both for you and your beloved pet.

Pet Import

Don’t forget, a stressed owner makes for a stressed pet, and vice versa. Why not leave it in the hands of professionals who’ve had plenty of experience with pet import? The preparations for pet relocation usually ought to begin months in advance (about 180 to 210 days to be exact), especially in the case of international relocation, having in mind there’s vaccines and lots of check-ups to do, everything that’s necessary for customs and post entry quarantine.

This is where the help of professionals comes in handy. Speaking of quarantine, great news is in Australia it’s only 10 days, as of February 2014 which simplifies the process, and throughout this period it’s the departmental staff that takes care of the pets, and at the same time the administrative and biosecurity requirements.

It’s good to know the pet import, accordingly with the rules set by the Australian Department of Agriculture, consists of applications, fees in AUD, processing time, pet quarantine accommodation, and bookings, which don’t necessarily apply the same for all regions or countries (e.g. exceptions are New Zealand, and Norfolk Island), and this is something a professional company dealing with pet relocation is well aware of. It’s needless to say hiring their services is a cost-efficient alternative as it can save you money and time in the long run.

Besides, there’s the fact there’s currently only one quarantine facility that’s functioning: the Spotswood Facility in Melbourne, so there’s more to plan and think about in case Melbourne isn’t your final destination. Other services a pet relocation company can assist you with is flight booking for your final destination in Australia, delivery and pick up from quarantine facilities, including delivery of your pet to your new home as soon as the 10-day quarantine period is over.

Professionals are in the know of IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards about the kennels, so this is another aspect that they can help you with in case of doubt. Travel stress-free knowing your pet is in safe hands!

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