The Suggested Calculator for Real Estate: TI BA II Plus Professional

It is not new news that financial calculators are used on a daily basis in so many industries. Some of these industries may include banking, finance and of course, the Wall Street. A financial calculator, however is an absolute must-have tool for every real estate analyst and is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working in these fields.

While newer technology has taken over most of our day to day functions and computer programs are helping us finish our daily tasks faster and efficiently, there is still no denying that the trusted financial calculator is still something that we reach for almost every time. They’re super efficient especially when we’re on the go and can’t reach for a computer every time, for example, in a meeting or while having a discussion with a client. A decent financial calculator can range anywhere in between $30 up to $100-plus. A lot of stationery stores will have a range of financial calculators or you can easily browse, compare and buy financial calculator online.

TI BA II Plus Professional

The Texas Instrument BA II Plus Professional calculator is the ideal calculator for anyone who works in the real estate industry. It has all the features you expect, want and need out of a great calculator. Whether you are a trained professional who will use this calculator in day to day activities in your job, or maybe you’re a real estate student at a university who will use this in class or exams, either way this calculator will perform brilliantly. Of course, like any financial calculator it comes with the standard functions like depreciation calculations, cost-sell-margin, amortization, accrued interest, and time-value-of-money. This calculator is also equipped and ready to handle difficult business and finance related equations like discount payback, payback, modified duration, modifies internal rate of return, and net future value.

Calculator for Real Estate

The first great thing you will notice about this amazing calculator is the attractive appearance; it comes with a rugged, shiny, silver exterior that will look good on any desk. The keypad, of course, has a firm touch to it so you don’t mess up any equations by accidentally leaning on the wrong button. To help with this, it also has an anti slip rubber feel. There are also many additional features that have been added to this model which previous and older models do not have. The only downsides this calculator may have, and trust me there aren’t many, is that some people may prefer a hard case whereas the TI BA II Plus Professional comes with a soft leather like case. Another slight downside is the price, but let’s be honest, no great financial calculator that meets all your real estate needs ever come at a low price.

You can reach out to your local stationary store to see if they stock this particular model or even better, you can easily buy financial calculator online. Given the facts that TI BA II Plus Professional is not a 20-dollar tool, online you’ll be able to compare prices of different retailers and most likely buy it for less than planned.

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