The Suggested Kids Toys by Age


Most parents make a huge mistake when it comes to toy shopping. They buy complicated and expensive toys believing their children will have more fun and they cannot be further from the truth. Instead, parents need to choose toys that are simple, fun and appropriate for kids’ age. For example, if you buy a child a train set that runs on rails, he/she will quickly get bored since he/she can only watch the train run or will, most likely, drag the train across the floor. If you, however, opt for a wooden block train option, your child will not only have more fun putting and dismantling a train, but will also, at the same time, practice and sharpen his/hers mental skills.

Of course, it is good to pamper your child from time to time. However, regardless of whether you buy from mall retailers or prefer shopping online toys Australia, make sure you get toys suitable for your child’s age. Many toys that contain small parts are dangerous for small kids since they can choke on them if swallowed. Even though many toy manufacturers have taken significant precautions, it is still possible to find a number of dangerous toys for children. Read on to find out which are best toys for kids by age.

0-6 months – Until babies learn why and how to use hands, it is best to entertain them with plush toys that are bright in color and can be hung over a crib.

6-12 months – At this age, babies like to shake and bite. Therefore, get toys that make sounds when shaken and are safe for your baby to scratch her/his gums.

12-24 months – Your baby is not a bay anymore. Get some blocks or stackable toys; pull and drag toys; kids’ laptop or learning toys sets.

24+ months – This is an age when your child starts imitating people and stuff around him/her. The best way to enhance his/her play time is by getting pretend play toys such as doctors’ sets, workshop tool sets, kitchen sets or pretend electronics (toaster, cash register, cell phone toy, etc.)

Please note, a toy is more than just an object. It is a basis of child’s play; it initiates the game and contours its content. A kid, in some sense, brings toy to life in the process of playing and transforms it with his/her imagination. A toy shapes kid’s behavior and expands his/her knowledge. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to buy toys according to child’s age.

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