The Suggested Kink BMX Bikes for Different Riders

Ah, the mighty BMX. There’s a big chance you rode one at some point in your life, after all, BMX bikes are the top choice parents make for their kids. But have you ever wondered what those three letters stand for? BMX is short for “bicycle motocross”, so no wonder this small bike can allow you to make impressive jumps and rip around berms, much like its petrol-powered relative.

Today, there’s a BMX for everyone, for kids, for adrenaline junkies, and for the average cyclists as well. And since summer has arrived, what better time to switch your tired, rusty bike with a new, cool BMX? Since most of you would want to get durability, support and overall, choosing a bike from a renowned maker can ensure you get the best value for your money. Like for instance Kink, an Australian owned BMX manufacturer which is currently one of the hottest brands in the world. Here are three Kink Bmx models to keep an eye on.

Kink Gap XL Hittle – the Perfect Causal Cruiser Choice

Kink Bmx
The biggest problem which makes BMX cycles an unpopular option for cruisers is that they are rather small and riding them for long periods of time can feel very uncomfortable. That’s why it’s nice to see something like the Gap XL Hittle. It’s a non-pro level bike that has an extended 21 inch toptube frame, and best of all, it comes at a low price. It’s designed for the street, so don’t go swirling around dirt roads or rocky surfaces. However, it has tubular chromoly three-piece cranks which can guarantee it can withstand years of wear and tear.

Kink Solace – Any Pro’s Dream Bike

Kink Bmx
Solace is Tony Hamlin’s signature piece. If you’ve seen Tony ride and know how amazing he is, the same goes for the Solace Kink Bmx. It’s designed to put up with a lot of beating from performing tricks and jumps, which can make it the ideal choice for anyone that has Tony’s love for adrenaline-filled riding. In fact, the 100% 4130 chromoly construction and sealed bearings make this bike totally high-end and suited for professionals. The frame features both a double-butted toptube and downtube for greater stability. There are many impressive components that are part of Solace’s construction which are designed around Tony’s preferred geometry ensuring you get a bike that’s flexible, robust, and light.

Kink SXTN LHD Bike – A Pro-level Bike You Can Afford

kink bmx
The Kink SXTN is the closest you can get to a pro bike that comes at almost an amateur bike’s price. So, if BMX models like the Solace are out of your price range, but you still want something that allows top freestyle performance, the SXTN is undeniably your best choice. In fact, it’s Sean Sexton signature’s bike and as such it reflects his signature riding style. With its unique Gloss Chameleon colourway paired with black pars and a black signature Stealth seat, the SXTN is quite the stunner too. Underneath the gorgeous looks, the bike features some amazing components like 100% 4130 chromoly bars, 2.4” Sever tires, an integrated seat clamp and a removable brake design – to name a few.

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