The Suggested Type of Mechanical Lubricant For You

When it comes to machines and basically any mechanical components in general really, proper lubrication is very important. However, you will need to know what type of lubricant would be the best choice for the machine you have and the results that you want to gain from it. While it may not seem like it at first, after some time you will see that there is actually quite an important difference between different lubricants, and you will be able to pick out the right one after just a short while, since it really isn’t all that complicated.


There are many good qualities that the grease lubricant has which make it the preferred choice of many people in quite a few fields pertaining to mechanics and the inner workings of machines. For example, the grease lubricant is a better choice for applications with slower operating speeds, as well as any applications that could really use an added seal of protection from contamination or moisture.

On the other hand, oil type lubricants also have their own special benefits that they can offer, and as with the grease type, they are also much better suited to certain roles rather than others. Oil lubricants are a better choice when the application in question pertains to very high speeds and equally high operating temperatures. Additionally, it is also better when talking about any task having to do with low torque or a really narrow range of torque variation.

When it comes to the advantages that the different types of lubricant have over one another, there are quite a few points in both of their favour, as well as quite a few traits that only one of them has that usually serves as the deciding factor on which you will pick at the end of the day. Some of the better points of grease lubricants are their reliability in electrical motors, their ease of retention and how they stay in place, the minimal application that reduces your overall maintenance costs and so on. In contrast, oil based lubricants have excellent cleaning and flushing capability, require less pump pressure to move around and are generally more stable than grease lubricants.

The final thing that I should mention is that the quality and the fact that how much money you are willing to spend on a lubricant will also play a very large factor here. While you are capable of getting both types in a variety of prices that range from dirt cheap to get a second mortgage on your house expensive, if you can afford it, I would still recommend spending a few more dollars and getting a higher quality lubricant. When I say higher quality, I don’t mean one that isn’t outrageously expensive, but one that will make it possible to be able to tell the difference instantly.

Aiden Jones

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