4 Best Wedding Shoes for Every Bridal Style

The big day is getting closer by the minute, isn’t it? You can already feel the tingling in your stomach and the excitement in the air. You’re already carefully mapping out every detail, from the wedding reception decorations to the kind of music you want playing as you walk down the aisle.

But in all that hectic planning, you shouldn’t forget about one of the most important decorations of all – your complete wedding look. Sure, the dress is always at the forefront for many brides-to-be but there’s one key accessory that can really make or break your whole outfit – the kind of shoes you’ll wear throughout the ceremony.

What Shoes Are Good for a Wedding?

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Choosing the perfect footwear for your wedding can be a bit tricky. It has to complement your dress, of course, but it also has to be comfortable enough that you can dance the night away without having to kick it off halfway through the reception. Finding a balance between style and comfort is essential. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular types of shoes brides choose to wear on their wedding day.

Lace Bridal Shoes

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There’s something about lace that just screams wedding, don’t you think? It’s delicate, feminine, and romantic – everything a bride should be on her big day. The elegant lace wedding shoes are a popular choice for many brides and it’s not hard to see why. They have a unique vintage feel that can really help to create the perfect fairy-tale look which will surely leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

The overall design of lace wedding shoes can vary, with some models having a more intricate lace pattern than others. Fans of subtle details will find much to love in the fine lines and dainty nature of lace shoes, while those who prefer something a little more dramatic can choose a pair with a bolder design and heavier embellishments. Either way, they’re sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall look, regardless of your style. You can even match the lace patterns of your shoes to the lace of your dress for a cohesive look from head to toe.

If you’re worried about lace shoes being too delicate or flimsy, don’t be. Many designers create beautiful lace bridal shoes that are both stylish and sturdy. They’ll hold up well throughout the entire day (and night!) without falling apart. Feel free to dance around to your heart’s content without having to worry about the state of your shoes. After all, weddings are supposed to be fun and carefree, especially when you’re the one tying the knot.

Pearl Bridal Shoes

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For a classic and timeless look on your wedding day, you can’t go wrong with pearl wedding shoes. They’re the epitome of elegance, with their graceful pearl details and sleek silhouette. They’re perfect for any bride who wants to feel like a true princess on her big day.

It’s important to note that the size of the pearls on your shoes may differ, depending on the model. Some pairs will have small, refined pearls while others will have larger ones that make more of a statement. If you want an understated look, go for a pair with smaller pearls. If you’re aiming for a more eye-catching look, choose a pair with large and flashy pearl details.

Pearl shoes are also generally very versatile and can be worn with a variety of different wedding dress styles. They look especially beautiful with A-line or ball gown dresses, but they can also be worn with more fitted styles as well.

Bow Bridal Shoes

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Adding a bow to your wedding shoes is a great way to let your playful and flirty side shine through during the ceremony. They can add a pop of colour to your outfit if you’re looking to spice things up a bit. Most of these shoes will have a large bow placed at the toe but there are also some models that have a small bow placed at the ankle.

The size and placement of the bow will largely depend on the overall style of the shoe. To really make your shoes really stand out, go for a pair with a brightly coloured bow that will surely catch everyone’s eye. But if you want something a little more subdued, choose a pair with a pastel-coloured bow or one that matches the colour of your dress.

Strappy Bridal Shoes

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Strappy shoes are virtually never out of style, which is why they make such a great choice for a wedding shoe. Their stylish and sophisticated silhouette has managed to stand the test of time, which is an impressive feat given the fickle nature of the fashion world.

By far the most popular type of strappy shoe is the stiletto. These sky-high shoes act as a real statement piece, giving you an instant dose of glamour. But if you’re not used to walking in heels, you might want to consider a lower heel or even a flat strappy shoe. That way, you can dance and move around as much as you want, without dealing with blisters or discomfort.

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