5 Suggestions to Turn Your Kitchen into a More Pleasant Place

As much as preparing mouthwatering meals for you and your family is motivating enough to spend more time in the kitchen, if the space isn’t well-organised and attractive, you may find yourself agitated and try to avoid this area as much as possible. Cooking can be the ultimate stress reliever, but if your kitchen doesn’t make you happy, you won’t be able to reap its benefits. So, how can you transform your kitchen into a more pleasant place to spend time in?

If you feel that your kitchen doesn’t look as nice as you want it to, there are many ways you can add style. But more often, as a busy place, the kitchen struggles with functionality and organisation. By paying more attention to the following factors, you can make the kitchen your new favourite area of the house where you enjoy staying in your free time and getting creative.

Adjust the Lighting

If there’s one thing that has the power to transform a room’s ambience and get you in the right mood – it’s lighting. So, if you feel that something’s lacking in your kitchen, it’s only normal that your first thought would be to replace the kitchen light fixtures. it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes when lighting the kitchen, such as choosing a single ceiling-mounted fixture that only unnecessary directs the light in a single area, leaving the other areas of the kitchen dark.

kitchen lights
source: ylighting.com

So, to create a warm and inviting environment that performs as an ensemble, the experts recommend including four layers of lighting:

  • Task lighting – Increase the visibility in the areas that are most commonly used (where you’re chopping, slicing, reading recipes, over the kitchen island, the pantry etc.);
  • Under-cabinet lighting – Add some lighting fixtures under cabinets, shelves or simple surfaces, which performs together with the task lighting to increase the visibility in specific areas too;
  • Ambient lighting – The layer that gives your kitchen a relaxing ambience, making it an inviting and attractive space for either cooking or simply enjoying with a glass of wine and appetizers at the kitchen island;
  • Accent lighting – Essential if you want to get a designer kitchen effect, which emphasises some decorations and details such as pieces of artworks, fine glassware in cabinets, etc.

Aside from layering your kitchen’s lighting, the experts also advise to always go for quality LED kitchen light fixtures. Not only are they the most friendly option for your wallet, but LED lights last much longer and are much safer than traditional halogen lamps. Also, LED lights are available in a plethora of styles and colours and with dimming options, making it possible to adjust the lighting to your preferences, by changing the colour and brightness. This makes them ideal for setting different ambience – from romantic dinners with your loved one to cooking a family meal together with your kids.

Pay Attention to the Sink

When considering everything that needs to be done for a successful kitchen renovation, most people pay attention to the appliances and cabinetry, leaving in the dark the little detail that is involved in every cooking process- the kitchen sink. As much as washing dishes can be the most tiresome part of dinner, having the right sink mounted into the right place is a real game-changer.

According to kitchen designers, the best place to put the sink is next to the dishwasher (if you have one), so you don’t stain your entire kitchen while transferring the dirty dishes after rinsing them for dishwashing. Another convenient option is placing the sink into the kitchen island, which is ideal for prep work. However, before you decide to find your kitchen sink another spot, make sure that the plumbing is adjusted appropriately.

kitchen sink
source: signaturehardware.com

Aside from finding the right spot to place the sink, if you have the space, opt for getting a wide, double bowl sink that serves multiple purposes- washing the dishes, rinsing and soaking vegetables, etc. Some of the most popular materials for kitchen sinks are stainless-steel and granite, because of their durability, heat-resistance and non-staining features. While granite sinks might attract food debris more, a smooth stainless-steel sink is easy to clean. A good kitchen sink combined with properly adjusted lighting we talked about before, will instantly elevate the looks and functionality of your kitchen.

Mount a Modern Kitchen Splashback

One of the most purposeful kitchenware products that make you feel like you’re cooking in the fanciest kitchen in the world is a modern kitchen splashback behind the stove. These splashbacks are usually made from thick safety glass, which makes them heat resistant and able to withstand all kinds of oils or sauce splashes while cooking which can be easily wiped with a clean cloth.

modern kitchen splashback
source: geniesplashbacks.co.uk

Not only is a splashback functional and protective of your walls or tiles, but it comes in a variety of designs and colours to fit your kitchen. It can be mostly found in the classic black glass finish, that blends in every kitchen interior, and gives the kitchen extra elegance. So, including it into your kitchen remodel plan is a smart thing to do .

Stay Organised

Good organisation is key to keeping your kitchen tidy, without having to go through a mini mental breakdown every time you decide to wrap up your sleeves and wake up the chef in yourself. So, make sure you provide yourself with the right storage and organisation solutions from your favourite kitchen warehouse.

If you’re wondering where to start from, take note that pantries are one of the most valuable fittings for cleaning the clutter in your kitchen. What makes them essential is that they’re great for keeping everything within your reach, without having to bend over or strain to reach the highest shelf in your kitchen. You can take a pick between pull-out and open-out pantry units, depending on your preferences.

organized kitchen
source: hgtv.com

In addition to the pull-out and open-out storage units, you can also choose pantry shelves that can conveniently fit in cabinets, walk-in pantry spaces, and under-bench cupboards. This makes them great to store everything that makes a mess in your cupboards and on your counters.

If you’re organising a tiny kitchen, you can skip the frustration caused by the lack of space and maximise your kitchen’s functionality by installing some kitchen corner storage units. You can choose between pull-out units and under-bench systems, which are both convenient for storing everything that comes to your mind – from unopened cans and foods to cookware and different cooking tools.

Finally, don’t forget to organise the place inside the drawers by adding some drawer dividers where you’ll conveniently store cutlery, tiny cooking tools and gadgets and anything that can be easily “lost” in all the kitchen clutter.

Finish Up with Functional Accessories

Starting from the sink, one of the accessories that are a must-have is an advanced drainer tray. When choosing a tray where you’ll drip-dry the dishes after washing, go for one that can be conveniently hung or rolled inside the sink or placed on the bench beside it to direct the dripping water right to the sink. Such trays also come in the form of a basket, which is a bit more spacious, but equally convenient accessory as the trays.

Talking about sinks, small accessories such as sponge caddies, plug baskets and soap dispensers are also essential and very useful for maintaining the washing area always tidy.

When it comes to chopping and slicing tasks, there isn’t a kitchen where a chopping board can’t be found. But what a lot of people use as a great add-on to the chopping board is a simple colander. Such sets let you easily bring your chopped goods from the board into the colander for rinsing and draining without any piece slipping out of it. These colanders are great for holding beans, fruit, vegetables and even pasta. Don’t wait to get yourself one that will make the cooking process a breeze.

kitchen accessories
source: snaidero.com

The list of great ideas to make your kitchen an enjoyable space doesn’t stop here. Your kitchen also deserves to get the “zen” touch, so make sure you don’t block any natural lighting coming inside and paint the walls into a neutral, calming colour. Also, adding some plants will “add some soul” to your lovely kitchen.

So, what are you waiting for? Start transforming your kitchen right now and make cooking your favourite hobby!

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