Birthday Gift Suggestions for 5-Year-Olds

Birthdays are one of the most special occasions that everyone is excited about, especially when it comes to little ones growing up and becoming one year closer to adulthood. When looking for the perfect gift for a child that recently “outgrew” the toddler phase, you probably want to skip the cliché options they’re probably going to get and choose something valuable and unique that will stand out and put a smile on their little face.

Gift Oppening

If you’re running out of ideas, don’t worry, because we packed up a few great suggestions to impress your little pal and their parents.

Handcrafted Wooden Toys for Safe Fun 

Let’s be honest, getting toys for a young child’s birthday is boring since they’re probably going to get a bunch of them anyway. But if you still want to stick to the safe option of gifting toys, don’t hesitate to go for unique handmade wooden toys that will stand out in your little pal’s birthday gifts collection.

Not only are natural wooden toys super fun to play with and have a lot of advantages for children, but they will also make the parents happy for many reasons. You probably know that plastic toys are not that durable and tend to break easily since young children “enjoy” smashing and biting them. Those little smashed pieces of plastic can be easily swallowed by children and become a choking hazard.


This will never be the case with the handcrafted toys made out of quality wood since they can’t be destroyed without extreme force being used. 

These little handmade artworks also make for sustainable toys, since they can be made from sustainably sourced, certified wood, without releasing any carbon or other gasses and consuming resources at unsustainable rates while manufacturing. Not only are these ethical toys 100% safe for children, but they are also don’t cause any harm to the environment, since they’re (obviously) made of natural materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. Furthermore, these eco friendly toys are a great way to start teaching little children the importance of using eco-friendly products from a young age and bring them closer to nature.

When carefully crafted from quality wood, these can be heirloom quality toys that can be passed on to the next generations and become a part of the family.


So, know that by choosing handmade wooden toys, you’re not only choosing an eco-friendly, sustainable solution, but you’re also giving the little one a valuable memory that will be passed along with the other heirloom toys in their collection.

A School Kit to Get Them Excited About Learning 

A school kit makes for a very valuable birthday gift for a 5-year-old since they’re now preschoolers getting ready for their first year in the school benches. 

For this purpose, themed school kits with your little pal’s favourite cartoon character or hero will put a wide smile on their face and make them super excited to go to school. Starting from the school bag, make sure you always choose bags with two padded and adjustable shoulder straps since kids at this age are in a crucial development stage and need good support for their bones and spine. 

School Kit

What you need to consider too is the material the bag is made of, since it plays a big role. When we’re talking about children, their skin is still sensitive and you don’t want to cause irritations, so a cotton backpack is one of the best choices. The backpacks made of cotton are also easily washable, heat resistant and the most important- lightweight. Aside from the cotton materials, polyester backpacks are also one of the most common choices, since this material is durable, and way more wrinkle-resistant and budget-friendly than the cotton ones.

Besides the school bag, you’d probably also want to include other school supplies for the little preschooler, such as notebooks, drawing books, pencils, erasers, crayons and watercolours that are also non-toxic and safe for children and the environment. Also make sure you don’t skip to get a nice, themed lunch box as a great addition to the school kit.

A Personalised Bed Set for a Cosy Night’s Sleep 

Personalised gifts show that you put great effort into the gift and the recipient is always happy to receive them, especially if it’s something that can be used on the regular, such as a bed set. Imagine the excitement on the kid’s face when they get into their bed, and everything is marked with their own name. Priceless! Besides including their name, consider getting a themed bed set with something that you know the recipient loves. For instance, it can be unicorns, princesses or mermaids for little girls and different racecars, characters and heroes for the little boys.

Personal  kids bedding

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the fabrics once again, considering childrens’ soft and sensitive skin. Cotton is a great choice since it’s one of the softest, most breathable and kids-safe materials. Bamboo also makes for good bedding material, since it’s not chemically treated and it’s soft as a cloud. If you want to choose something warmer for the upcoming winter, wool is a great choice that is also a natural, healthy and durable textile. As a bonus to the personalized bed set, you can add personalized children’s sleepwear to make the bedtime excitement even bigger.

A Mini Scooter for Spending More Time Outside 

A  mini scooter can be a unique gift idea that not only will impress the parents but will also make the child more excited about playing outside and being more social instead of staying home to play video games on smartphones, tablets or Play Stations. The scooters for kids are also good for making them more active, adopting healthy habits of exercising at a young age and developing their mechanical skills.

Mini Scooter

But before you hit the store to choose the best scooter for the little one celebrating their 5th birthday, make sure you know what kind of features to look for. The ones that are most suitable and recommended for kids at this age are scooters that have one rear and two front wheels and a basic turning steering since they’ll help the child develop their balancing skills. Also, the scooters with two rear and one front wheel are great for the balancing skills too, but its biggest disadvantage is that the kid’s foot can get stuck with the rear wheels where they are set outside of the scooter deck. 

Whatever you do, don’t get an electric one. These scooters are not recommended for little children, since they can’t be pushed manually, making them not that safe for children at this age.

The list of great gift ideas doesn’t stop here. If the little birthday boy/girl shows an affinity for music, you can surprise them with their favourite musical instrument. Also, DIY crafty kits are a great gift for promoting creativity and developing motor skills as well. Make sure you choose a memorable gift because making a child happy even for a moment feels priceless.

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