Double Headboards: Make a Dull Bedscape Divine

Remember all those fancy, beautiful bedrooms you’ve ever seen? What’s one thing that they all usually have in common, no matter the interior design style they follow? A gorgeous bed headboard, of course!
A bed headboard, or bedhead, is an amazing thing to add to your bed to spruce up the look of your bedroom in an instant and gain that elegant, rich vibe in your sleeping space.

Headboards come in various materials, makes, and models, and they can be mounted in so many different ways! Usually perfect for double beds, quality double bedheads can be bought in specialised homeware stores, especially ones that can offer designer, carefully crafted items.

Let’s go over what you need to think about to find the perfect double bedhead and how it can help you breathe new life into your sleeping quarters!

headboard for bedroom


Find a Material That Ties the Room Together

First thing’s first, material. Choosing a material that will match both your bed and your bedroom style is extremely important as if you get something that’s out of sync, your bedroom will have a hard time looking tied together and won’t benefit from the headboard at all!

So, take a look around the room and find the dominating material inside. Is it wood, leather, faux leather, suede, different fabrics? This will be your starting point in choosing the perfect bedhead.

Once you have your material pinned down, look at the options available that match!

Still, this doesn’t mean that if wooden details dominate in your bedroom you’ll have to get a wooden headboard! You can mix and match, just make sure that the ensemble goes well together.

For example, if you really do have a wood-dominated bedroom, a double bedhead made out of a natural fabric can look great as well as something made out of wood or suede!

We’re sure you’re not sleeping on wooden sheets, so you get the idea! The point is to create unity between the bedroom and the headboard, as it’s such a big, striking piece, and to allow it to slip into the space like it’s always been there!

Always make sure the material you’re getting, no matter what it is, is of high quality and is made into a high-quality bedhead! That’s exactly why we highly recommend shopping from specialised stores!

wood headboard for bedroom with decorative elements


Pick a Design That Blends in Beautifully

Once you have your material settled, it’s time to choose an appropriate design! We recommend thinking of material first and design second, as sometimes, some pieces can look gorgeous but aren’t available in your material of choice, and that can be heartbreaking. To save yourself from that trouble, material first, design second!

Now then, just as there’s variety in materials there is a variety in design, too! Once again you’ll need to keep your bedroom in mind, or the bedroom you’d like to have if you’re starting from scratch, and choose the headboard that will suit it best!

You might have your eye on a huge, princessy leather headboard studded with a billion diamonds, but if your bedroom, and for the matter, your house is nature-themed, you can see how that might stand out, and not in the best of ways.

Instead, if this is the case, opt for a clean-shaped, fine-lined design, like an oval, a circle, or a rectangle. You can even go with something that has flowing, curved lines, as long as it matches the interior!

Also, you don’t have to give up the studded design, either! Just, instead of stones, go for nice intricate buttons that will add so much to the look and feel of your bedroom!

modern wooden headboard for bedroom


Consider All the Installation Options

We’re at the last step of our double headboard extravaganza! We hope you found everything simple enough so far because it’s going to continue being simple! There’s really nothing difficult when you know what you’re doing!

When it comes to installing your headboard, there are a couple of ways you can do it! You can either attach it to your bed or have it mounted on the wall behind it! Here are the intricacies and differences between both!

When attaching the headboard to your bed, you get a complete look, a flowing unison between your bed and the bedhead of your choice. Such bedheads can come with little “feet” that are part of the design (and you also need to pay attention to them!), to support the bedhead’s weight and make it stand straight and steady.

Something to bear in mind with this option is that your headboard might move as you move in your bed, as only the lower part of it is actually attached. The upper part is basically free to do its bidding, but if your bedhead is attached properly, movement should be minimal.

The other option, mounting your bedhead on the wall, eliminates all movement issues. However, you’ll need to find a proper wall for this, and if you’ve gone with a big headboard, you’ll need to be extra careful.

For example, mounting your headboard on the same wall a door is, isn’t that such a good idea. The opening and closing of the door may affect the balance and cause issues with your attached piece.

Bedheads are usually heavy objects, so make sure your wall can take the heat. Even though they will still stand on their little feet or base, your wall needs to be able to support the rest of the weight, especially with double bed headboards.

To Sum Up

Your perfect bed headboard is waiting! Now that you have all the proper knowledge and information on how to make an educated decision, we’re sure you’ll choose the best one in no time!

Remember, these points are just guidelines, everything else is up to you and your taste! Once you have your headboard, you can take further steps to cozy up your bedroom and really make it comfort central!

See, it’s so easy to spruce a room up by adding just one detail! We hope you’ll enjoy your new, luscious, stylish bedroom!

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.