Antique Tapware: Statement-Making Hardware for Your Home

Whenever I need to talk about tapware I always make an effort to emphasize to you, my readers, that no matter how functional and everyday items your taps are, they still need to be seen as decor items too. I mean, a bathtub or a kitchen counter is also a necessity, but we still pay great attention to what we buy, don’t we?

Your tapware can say a lot about your home and can significantly improve your home’s decor. If, say, your home is decorated following vintage or a rustic influence, going with a shiny, silver tap with a modern design can ruin the whole look and stick out like a sore thumb. If you, however, choose something in brass or copper that has an interesting shape, you’re in the right direction. These are actually what’s called traditional tapware.

Traditional taps are all about drawing inspiration from the old days, mixing it up with all the new technology and designs, producing a unique tapware product that’s also often called antique tapware. Let me tell you a bit more about antique taps and why they should definitely be your first choice for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and anywhere else you may need a tap installed.

Antique Tapware: The Old Side of the Future

traditional tapware

Source: Burlington Bathrooms

You can’t go wrong by buying antique taps, no matter which decor style your home decor is currently decorated in. Even though they are inspired by old-day taps, they are still modern enough to fit even the most minimal homes. Minimalism is, after all, all about shapes and lines that catch the eye, and a good antique tap is nothing if not just that!

There is a seriously wide variety of these taps, so to buy traditional tapware you’ll actually need to get informed on the matter. As I said, these taps do go well with every home decor design, but the style of antique tap still need to be chosen carefully to preserve the unity and flow of what’s already there and enhance it.

Get the Style Right

gooseneck tap antique


It might seem like all traditional-style taps look the same, but that can’t be further from the truth. When style is in question, antique taps go from simple all the way to super-detailed, so everyone can find the perfect match for their home.

If you value the simplicity in things, a simple gooseneck tap with a lightly decorated lever can be just the thing you need. It will fall right into the whole effortless look, but will still give your interior that extra little kick it needs to round everything up. If you, however, are all about design marvels, antique tapware with expressive curvature, elaborate levers, and an obvious vintage influence will catch your eye immediately.

These taps are available for any room of the house, so you can either go with the same style everywhere or switch things up from room to room. There are also showerheads and shower arms available, so you can pair everything up nicely and achieve that pretty unison we all want in our homes.

Choose the Ideal Colour


Source: Meir

The colour of your traditional-style tapware can either make or break your whole design, so it’s quite worth it to pay attention to it. You may want to go the easy way and just choose a metallic silver tapware set and trust me, you won’t be wrong. But, if your interior calls for something more, these taps are right here to deliver.

Available in your usual colours, but also shades like old gold, subdued silver, matte black, deep bronze, and so on, you can easily find the hue that best matches your design. When choosing the colour, pay attention to the rest of the hardware you have around. What are your door handles like? What about any coat hooks or towel rails? Which colours are the handles of your drawers and cupboards?

When you have your answer to all of these questions, you also have your answer to the question of which colour your taps should be. Of course, you can follow along or you can go in a completely different direction and use your taps to create a fun little contrast within the room. If you want to go down this second path just make sure that the contrast is still somewhat complementary and still makes sense.

Match It With the Rest of Your Hardware


Source: Phoenix Tapware

When choosing an antique tap you’re actually committing to a certain type of style you’re planning on following, so everything surrounding your taps will need to match.

When it comes to the bathroom, make sure your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and towel rail match the tap and the sink you’ve chosen. In the kitchen, you’ll need to mind the dish soap dispenser as well as any decor items you have around. In the laundry, every container with all the hygiene liquids should be in the appropriate dispensers, bowls, and boxes to round up that put-together vibe.

Finally, it’s very important to always keep your taps clean. Use gentle, eco-friendly cleaners to preserve their beauty. Chalky water residue will never be in style.

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