A Simple Guide to Properly Using an Appliance Trolley

Regardless of how complicated, difficult or risky a task may be, having the right tools for any job makes it a lot easier, safer, and more efficient. Using the right pieces of equipment will save you a lot of time and effort, will help you avoid unwanted injuries and accidents and increase your chances of success. Therefore, when moving house, for instance, you will certainly want to have the right pieces of equipment for the job. There are some essential moving tools and supplies that can greatly help you perform your relocation safely. My absolute favorite for this purpose? The moving appliance trolley.

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These tools are indispensable when it comes to transporting heavy items, such as furniture, large boxes, appliances,etc., between your home and the moving truck. The moving appliance trolley helps eliminate the risk of accidentally dropping and potentially breaking a heavy piece. It makes moving your items go faster, and best of all – it helps reduce the strain on your body.

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The first thing when using appliance trolleys is to know how to properly load and unload them without injuring yourself. The loading and unloading are best done when using your legs. Lifting with your legs will avoid putting a lot of pressure on your back and will make the lifting less harmful. Also, when picking up heavier loads make sure you have someone by your side to help you, which can also be helpful when navigating the trolley.

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Before you put the appliance on the trolley, make sure that the path to your designated place is clear, because you might end up stopping a lot of times or tripping over, which in no case is any good. If you are going to move a refrigerator, make sure to defrost it beforehand. Taping the cords and hoses to the rear of appliances is crucial to prevent tripping. You will also need to take the measures of any doorways to check if they are wide enough to fit the appliances through them. Sometimes, you may end up having to remove some doors. You can wrap your appliances if you want to protect them from any damages, but keep in mind that this will make it harder for you to have a good grip on them.

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You will want to load the appliance from the side as the appliance trolley has a smoother and more even surface there. This will help you rest the appliance more securely. Before you actually load the appliance, make sure that you lift the back of it and then slide the bottom plate of the trolley underneath it. After that, balance the appliance on the trolley so you can rest it easier on the rub rails. Also, make sure you use a strap around the appliance to secure it in place. When you are climbing up stairs, make sure to have someone push the appliance as you pull the trolley backward – do this when you are loading an appliance onto a moving vehicle too.

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