The Suggested Pet Containment System: a Wireless Dog Security Fence

Dogs need their fun time and exercise and for that, they need their space. As a pet parent, you probably enjoy watching your dog freely playing around in your yard, but I’m not so sure about your neighbors when your little bud wanders off into their yard and gets into their flowerbeds or swimming pool. A wireless dog security fence can help you keep your dog safe and secure without a hassle. A wireless dog security fence includes a transmitter and a dog collar. The transmitter is set up in your home and the dog wears the collar. Once your dog starts to get close to the boundary set up, a warning sound is emitted. If your dog continues to approach the boundary, then the collar gives him a static correction, which is a mild and harmless electric stimulation. This electric stimulation has a purpose to teach your dog not to pass the perimeter you have set up. wireless dog security fence Oftentimes, dog owners wonder if the wireless security fence cost is worth it, however, in most cases, a high-quality wireless dog fence ends up being cheaper than installing a traditional one. Another benefit of this fence is that it is wildlife-friendly and doesn’t change the aesthetics of your yard. Here are some of the other benefits you will enjoy with a wireless dog security fence.


Wireless fences are extremely easy to install and use. Thanks to their portability, you can set up a safe zone everywhere you go. This means you won’t have to set up another fence if you move house. wireless dog security fence


When it comes to maintenance – there is none, except for a few battery changes. Traditional fences need to be repaired and painted, while a wireless dog security fence doesn’t require any maintenance or replacement.


The more expensive brands will offer more features and are often of better quality. But there are still a few affordable options that although have fewer features are still able to get the job done. wireless dog security fence When buying your wireless dog fence, there are some features you may want to consider such as a battery back-up, an audible line break warning and lighting protection. Having a back-up power source is important in times when the power of your system’s transmitter fails altogether – it will keep the system operational. An audible line break warning will alert you if the closed loop that operates the wired system fails. Because your system will be powered by your home’s AC current, it can be vulnerable to power surges. Lightning protection will protect your system from problems emanating from your power company.

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