What Makes Bonnet Protectors a Highly Suggested Protective Accessory

The Colorado Holden is one of the most popular vehicles in Australia, and for all the right reasons – it’s reliable, practical, boasts great fuel economy, and you can go both on and off the road with it. Of course, this all comes at a price, which brings me to my main point – you need to protect your investment the best you can in order to ensure its longevity. One of the most underrated vehicle accessories that does just that is the bonnet protector.

A Holden Colorado bonnet protector protects the bonnet significantly better than a hood cover. The small stones and chips in the air can oftentimes damage the hood covers, meaning it can also damage the bonnet. When driving at higher speeds, debris will come at a high speed and leave scratches on the bonnet. The bonnet protector prevents that from happening by being placed at an angle that will repel the debris away from the vehicle.Holden Colorado bonnet protector

But why a Holden Colorado bonnet protector and not hood covers and car bras? Well, car bras are known to damage the paint of the vehicle, and unlike bonnet protectors, they directly touch and scratch the bonnet. Furthermore, bonnet protectors don’t peel off paint when wet. Additionally, bonnet protectors push the air flow upwards and away from the vehicle, which improves your vehicle’s overall aerodynamics as well.

There are many different types of bonnet protectors available nowadays, and some of them are accompanied by weather shields and headlight protectors for the optimum front end protection. With that said, buying online gives you more buying options, and it’s more convenient for a lot of people as they can search for bonnet protectors that fit their specific year and make of Holden. Make sure the one you choose is made of quality materials that will stand the test of time and are UV resistant. One of the most popular materials for bonnet protectors is acrylic.

Lastly, make sure it’s designed for easy waxing and cleaning and that it includes all the necessary hardware for installation. You can compare prices and brands, and make the best selection that will bring the most value for your money. As briefly aforementioned, try finding a bonnet protector that comes with weather shields as it will allow you to open up the windows even in bad weather without worrying about rain getting inside your vehicle. Plus, they reduce the noise that comes from driving at a high speed out in the open.

Aiden Jones

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