Artwork Prints For Homes: Suggestions Every Pro Knows

Bare, white walls in your home are acceptable only in one case – if you are moving out into a new one. This means, white walls in your room with nothing to break the monotony look very dull and boring. From interior design’s point of view, bare walls are not stylish, nor creative and they can have a rather negative effect on your psyche as they can be very depressive. So, skip these rookie mistakes and act like a pro: turn your computer on and look for artwork prints online. I bet you love being efficient from the coziness of your sofa. But how to choose the right ones for your room? No worries, here’s how to think like a real art pro:


Mind the colour and the expression

In a modern home with fancy furniture and metal elements, designed in fancy colours like black and white, and occasional splash of red or other strong colour, you cannot just go buy a Picasso painting and place it on the wall. It just doesn’t go that way. Picasso is history, and it is something that will go perfectly in a room with a more traditional style. Instead, you should choose something fancy and a little hipstery I’d say: like a modern print, or a quotation made in a very creative manner. Among the vast offer of artwork prints online, you should definitely find something of this kind. And if you are not a fan of simple artwork like the modern ones, you can always go for abstract art work which is always more colourful.

Mind the size

Any picture that is too small will be lost on big walls, no matter the style of the room or the colours that dominate. Not just that, but it even may have a counter effect: it will make the wall look like there’s something wrong with it, like a hole or a stain! Bottom line, avoid frames that are too small. Too big isn’t exactly the solution either; here style and colour domination matter a lot. What will your room look like if your furniture is all black, white and red, and the pictures on the walls have all the possible colours on them? Bad from all aspects: style and health; too much colour can confuse your brain! So, to conclude, medium sized frames with artwork are best in this case as they will complement the entire ambiance and not attack it or make a mess out of it.

What type of art?

For those of you that are just a little more familiarized with art, this will be easy; it is not just the colours that need to match the entire room style, it’s the painting’s theme and expression as well. The choice of artwork prints online is vast: you can choose from abstract art, landscapes, still nature, portraits, animals and birds, sea and beaches, geometric figures, flowers and a lot more. The important thing here is to determine what do you want to achieve with the painting on your wall: do you want it to give the room a calmer effect, to catch the attention of people going in it, or you want a portrait? Another way to look at these things is to follow the room’s style: if modern cold atmosphere with metal elements and darkish colours dominate, you can always go for themes like geometric figures, cityscapes, still nature and similar. Traditional style rooms would definitely be better decorated with warmer themes landscapes, portraits, or animals and birds. 

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.