The Suggested Beauty Products to Use in Your 30s

What’s so special about turning 30? Nothing really. Although for some 20-somethings it’s a point to be feared, for more reasonable women, it’s no life-changing event. It’s just a little motivation to start taking your skincare routine more seriously. When you reach your 30s, your skin restorative abilities begin to weaken as cell turnover rates slow down and elastin and collagen levels decrease. As a result, you may find that your complexion is duller and fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. If you’re “lucky” enough, you may even discover some of your first age spots, yay!

So, don’t just sit there watching all of this unfold. Do something about it! Although the beauty routine you established in your 20s still works, to compensate for your skin’s lack of restorative powers, you need to throw some stronger anti-aging formulas into the mix. But, since there are thousands of anti-aging products on the market, deciding what’s worth spending your money on can be confusing. In reality, you only need to invest in a few dedicated beauty products to give your skin the boost it needs.

Light Cleansers

One of the upsides of aging skin is that it’s less likely to develop acne. As such, many women in their 30s do not really need the harsh cleansers of their 20s. So, you can avoid harsh cleansers like foams which can dry the skin out or cause irritation. Instead, look for beauty products with gentle formulas which contain more moisturizing ingredients, like oils and plant extracts. In the morning you don’t need to use a cleanser, you can simply use micellar water to wipe out your skin’s natural oils and the product from the night before and prepare it for the rest of your routine.


I’m sure you already use some type of moisturizer to hydrate your skin after a good cleanse. While moisturizers work fine on the surface of the skin, they aren’t able to penetrate deeper. To cause real action, you need something more powerful, such as a serum. Serums are made of very small molecules of active ingredients which get absorbed deep into the skin. These beauty products also do not contain thickening agents and are mostly water-based, eliminating oils together. As a result, they have a lightweight texture which doesn’t clog up pores.

Although serums are more pricey than moisturizers, they are totally worth the splurge once you consider that they contain a high concentration of active ingredients. As a result, you only need a few drops of the product for it to be efficient as opposed to splattering a thick layer of moisturizer. So, with proper use, a 30ml bottle of serum can last for months. Plus, you can ditch moisturizers and face creams altogether and balance out the cost. But since there are lots of active ingredients that can be found in serums, here’s a quick list of the ones you might want to include in your routine.

  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant with brightening properties which helps fight the effects of free radical damage.
  • Retinol (Vitamin A) – helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, pigmentation and wrinkles.
  • Ferulic Acid – promotes collagen production and helps evening out the skin’s tone.


If you’re not already using sun protection, don’t waste a second longer! Sun exposure leads to pigmentation and dark spots, and it can make fine lines and wrinkles considerably worse. With that being said, it’s essential to make SPF part of your daily skincare routine. Although foundations with SPF built into the formula offer some degree of protection, it’s better to use a lightweight SPF lotion with a rating of 25 or more during the summer months.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid isn’t only used for wrinkle-erasing injections. In fact, if you apply it to your face in your 30s, you may not need those injections later on. Hyaluronic acid has exceptional hydrating properties which can make the skin look more plump and youthful, while also prolonging the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, hyaluronic acid has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically. As such, it helps boost the skin’s regenerative and healing properties, which decrease as you age. You don’t need to purchase hyaluronic acid specifically, as many products like serums, face creams, eye creams include it in their list of ingredients.

Eye Cream

Considering how the skin around the eyes is thin and has fewer oil glands, it’s often the first spot to show signs of aging due to years of facial expressions like squinting and smiling. Therefore, it’s essential to use a rich, hydrating eye cream to lock in the moisture. Eye creams containing ingredients such as green tea and chamomile are great in reducing puffiness and dark circles. When applying eye cream, pat the product lightly into your skin. Rubbing your eye area forcibly can promote sagging and wrinkles.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.