Best Baby Gift Hampers for First Time Mums

As amazing as it sounds, becoming a mom for the first time has its challenges. Taking care of a newborn requires constant tending and sleepless nights round the clock. Without the benefit of experience, for many expecting mums, this is a major life transition that has its physical and mental toll. So, if anyone deserves to be spoiled and pampered then for sure it’s pregnant women. While many mums have all the essentials they’ll need once their baby arrives, there is nothing wrong with going off-registry to treat your friend with something special.

What Are Good Gifts for a New Mom?

Whether you are invited to a baby shower or just want to be thoughtful and give your friend a little surprise, there are countless options available. There are some essentials first-time mums will appreciate to make caring for their little ones a bit more comfortable. As more and more baby products are introduced today, some of them have already become baby must-haves for moms to be. Appropriate products range from pampering new mum gift hampers, large baby pillows to cute clothes to keep the baby comfy. In truth, you don’t need to spend a fortune to find something special.

So, if you are searching for some inspiration, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of gift ideas for first-time mums that you won’t find on her registry. She’ll be glad you thought out of the box!

Doughnut Bouquet

doughnut bouquet for new mom

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a baby girl then a beautiful new mum hamper can be the ideal present. These usually consist of lots of donuts, salted caramel, Belgian chocolates and all kinds of mouth-watering goodies. To be honest, we all love indulging in guilty pleasures such as donuts every once in a while. Besides, a doughnut bouquet will last as long as you can resist the temptation to eat it.

Every mom-to-be will be eager to discover the exciting, perfect complexity of the caramel salted and Belgian chocolate-dipped mini donuts, coupled with a baby plush Falmigo toy, and a complimentary gift card. It’s just the perfect gift!

Pastel Twenty Mixed Lindt Chocolate Bouquet

lindt chocolate bouquet

While some women are lucky enough to crave healthy foods such as oranges and pineapples, many pregnant women find themselves craving sugar and treat full of calories such as chocolate and ice cream. If your friend has a sweet tooth, she will be very much into this gift box that features a delectable assortment of delicious chocolate Lindt treats. This ultimate collection of pastel Lindt chocolates is the perfect indulgent gift for every mum-to-be.

Nappy Cake

new baby cake

Thinking of ordering a nappy cake for your pregnant friend or making one yourself? Many mothers receive gifts that they hardly use, so being practical is always the best choice. If you’ve never heard about them before, these cakes are made out of nappies that are put together to create several tiers. The tiers are then stacked together to create a cake look and finally decorate it with ribbons and other embellishments.

Besides the nappies, this cake features practical newborn items, such as baby shower gels and creams and some special chocolate treats to spoil the new parents. Handcrafted and gift wrapped with love these nappy cakes are the perfect new mum hamper present. Besides, they also make lovely centrepieces at baby showers.

Comfy Clothes

clothes for new baby

Babies need lots of clothes during the first couple of years. During the newborn stage the baby will need at least three pairs of outfit changes per day, therefore having plenty of onesies on hand is essential. Most mums focus primarily on comfort clothes as babies require constant changing;

However, every mum wants to pamper their little ones and own a few pieces of tiny adorable outfits for special occasions. Choosing to buy practical and adorable outfits is both fun and festive way to surprise every mum-to-be. Nowadays, you can also find e a wide range of organic baby collections that are not only chic and affordable but are good for the baby’s skin and overall health.

Mom Slippers

slippers for new mom

Sore feet is the number one concern among pregnant women. The natural weight gain puts pressure on the veins and the feet and they may become swollen which causes pain and discomfort for many women. Buying a pair of comfortable sleepers will relieve some of the symptoms and pressure and will make a great novelty gift for any mum-to-be. These everyday slippers are cozy and comfortable and will surely put a smile on every mom’s face.

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