Complete Your Bridal Look: Suggestions on Choosing Comfy and Stylish Wedding Shoes

Your wedding day is near! Congrats and also good luck with planning all the details!

Nowadays, you can have a planner who can help you out in finding the perfect location and organising your dream wedding. However, making the right choice when it comes to the dress, shoes, and overall bridal look is all up to you!

If you thought that picking a dress was hard, choosing shoes isn’t easy either. Remember, you’re going to spend the whole ceremony and reception on your feet, so shoes that look good and are comfortable at the same time are a must. That said, you better forget those extra high heels you had in mind or just wear them during the photo session.

Armed with the following tips, you’ll find it much easier to choose stylish and comfortable wedding heels or flats that will lead you to your prince Charming and let you live your Cinderella story happily ever after.

Six Tips on How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes

Six Tips on How to Choose Your Wedding Shoes

1. Choose the Dress First

The shoes you choose should add up to the overall bridal look. The dress is essential for your bridal style and you have to choose it prior to the shoes.

Depending on the length of the dress, you will pick the shoes accordingly. So, if your dress is long, the focus won’t be on the shoes because no one would see them. In this case, it’s better to go with simple designs and prioritise fit and comfort first. However, with a short dress, all the focus is on the legs and shoes and you’ll want to pick heels that will also make the perfect statement.

  1. Consider the Venue

The type of heel, material, and colours of the shoes should also be appropriate for the venue. If your wedding takes place in one of the following venues, here’s what to focus on.

  • Restaurant: If your venue is a restaurant, then you can choose between stilettos, pumps, and other high heels or go with a lower-heel option.
  • House: Even though you can have a classy reception at a house, most of the time this venue can mean a more casual shoe choice.
  • Beach: High heels are definitely not recommended for a beach wedding. You can choose flats or sandals that are sparking and cute but avoid choosing wedges, platform shoes, or any type of high heels.
  • Chapel: Chapel weddings leave a lot of room for you to make a choice. So, like for a restaurant venue, for a chapel, you can go with any height of heel you’d like.
  • Park: Flat shoes should definitely be your choice for a park wedding. You certainly don’t want to get your heel stuck in the grass while “walking down the aisle
  1. Watch the Weather Forecast for an Outdoor Event
    Outdoor weddings are always more special and interesting than indoor receptions. While we’d all like sunshine on our special day, the weather can be unpredictable. Even in summer!
Outdoor weddings are always more special and interesting than indoor receptions

For that reason, being prepared in advance with waterproof, quality bridal shoes is another thing you should have in mind. To be on the safe side, you should choose genuine leather and designs that won’t fall apart if there happens to be rain.

You can also have a plan B and keep another pair that will be used in case there is a change in the weather forecast.

  1. Heels or Flats: What’s It Gonna Be?

Whether heels or flats would be the most appropriate shoes, can be determined by various factors. For instance, if you have a casual style, then flats would be the best. A classy theme would indicate that heels should be your shoes. Nevertheless, in the end, whether the shoes would be flats or heels is up to the bride.

So, if you have never worn heels or just aren’t a heels person, then it would be more natural to wear flats, instead of looking clumsy in high heels. Also, it’s all about comfort. But, no matter whether you are heels or a flats lover, make sure you find comfortable shoes!

  1. Do You Need to Choose White Always?
dress or shoes should be white

While it is an unwritten rule that the dress or shoes should be white, you can definitely choose otherwise. There are all the shades of white, and colours that brides usually choose, such as white ivory, champagne, nude, and cream. However, for bolder combinations, the bride can choose a pair of shoes that are gold, metallic, or even blue and add great contrast to the white dress.

Your shoes can also match your bouquet in whatever colour you choose it to be. The good thing about choosing shoes in a colour other than white is the fact that you can wear them after your wedding as well.

  1. Is Online Shopping an Option?
    Sometimes it can be more convenient to shop online. While it will save you time, don’t just shop for a good-looking shoe. You are going to spend the whole day and night in these shoes probably standing and dancing the whole time. So, if you can’t determine whether they’re comfortable or not, you may end up hurting your feet.

That said, be sure to check out the site’s size guide and compare it with the dimensions of your feet and the size you normally wear. Also, order the shoes a few weeks or months before the special day so you can have time to wear them so they loosen up a bit and do not feel tight. If the shoes don’t feel comfortable, ask for a return or a refund.

To Sum Up

Now that you have a basic idea of the things you should have in mind, you can start looking. Just always bear in mind that unlike with other shoes, with wedding shoes comfort must come first, and looks come second.

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