Creative Flashlight Uses for Everyday Life

People have been in constant search of portable light sources since the very beginning. Stone-age cave drawings of men holding lamps and torches are one of the many proof points for this. These first light sources later evolved into oil and kerosene lamps designed to be carried around. All of them served people well, but there was one main problem. All used flame as a source of light and this made them more dangerous than helpful.

Finally, in 1899, David Misell invented the first flashlight. It contained three D batteries in a tube that was used as a handle. Batteries powered a small electric light bulb and a simple switch turned the light on and off. Flashlights survived the test of time and today there are many models into which that first flashlight has evolved.

There is a wide variety of flashlight uses today. The military and the police use tactical flashlights in many different ways. Different colours of LED light are used for hunting and fishing. And, a flashlight is also essential when it comes to hiking and camping.

Even if you aren’t interested in any of these activities, you can find flashlights useful in your everyday life. What else can you use a flashlight for? You’d be surprised at how many things can you use a flashlight for in your day-to-day life. These are some of my favourite alternative flashlight uses. Some of them are more obvious, and some are more creative. Each one of them is very important.

The Many Survival Uses of Flashlight

It Offers Light in Emergencies

picture of person standing on a snow in mountains with a backpack and a flashlight
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Using flashlights in an emergency isn’t something new. There may be various situations in which we can find ourselves in desperate need of light. The most crucial thing to manage a crisis is to be able to see clearly, as we’ve seen whole cities go blackout because of storms or natural disasters.

That’s why everyone needs to have a flash light as part of emergency kits. You can buy one that you can use exclusively for crisis management. Make it easily accessible along with your emergency backpack. You can use flashlights for other emergencies too, like if you have to break glass without injuring yourself, or if you have to start a fire without having a fire starter pack.

It Provides Illumination on the Go

You can never guess the challenges that await you until you encounter them. People are ready for unexpected dangers in the wilderness, during hiking and camping, but not so much during their everyday activities. This is mainly because people started to rely on the flashlights they have on their smartphones.

However, there are a ton of situations where using your phone flashlight is inconvenient and sometimes even impossible. That’s why you should always have a sturdy flash light on you when you go out. Nowadays there are keychain ring lights with extended runtime. They are small, bright, and convenient to carry and can fit in every pocket or purse.

It Serves as a Tactical Tool

picture persons hand holding a flashlight standing over a table
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Tactical flashlights were primarily used as a tactical weapon by police and security, as well as the military. Even today they’re used to mark a shooting or running target. Today tactical flashlights are available to everyone and at reasonable prices. You can use their bright light to defend yourself from attackers, blinding them temporarily so you can run away. You can defend yourself even from the intruders that come to your home. Many people always keep one at hand when going out in the dark around the house.

Flashlight Use for Reading and Writing

There are special pens today designed with an integrated flashlight and laser beam. These pen torches are ideal for night-time reading and writing. The convenient compact flash light in these pens is often placed on their clip, so they can allow you immediate hands-free operation wherever you need it. The laser comes in different colours, most often in green and is perfect for presenting in front of a whiteboard or screen. This presentation tool can be the perfect gift for teachers and anyone who loves to have a good pen.

Flashlight Use for Running and Riding

picture of people riding a bike on a night-time with flashlight

Have you ever postponed your everyday running because it got dark? Having a flashlight for running can take your running activities to another level. You can embrace the calmness of a night run, or you can do it first thing in the morning even before the sun comes out. You can incorporate your meditation into your running in those lonely quiet hours and have it all finished by dawn. The same stands for night riding a bike or a scooter. What a change a flashlight can make for your night-time moving routine!

Flashlight Use for Pet Safety

Many pedestrians carry flashlights when they go out on a road so drivers can easily notice them and avoid accidents. The same advice goes for people that take their pets out on a road. Simply attach a flashlight to your pet’s collar if you don’t want to invest in an expensive collar with integrated light. It doesn’t get more creative than this.

Flashlight Lamp

picture of two kids under a sheet reading a book with flashlight
source: Tima Miroshnichenko on pexels

If you don’t feel like investing in an expensive table lamp, you can easily convert your torch into a lamp using a random lamp base, shade, and a mirror. Anything can go for a base, and there are many cheap but stylish lamp shades in the stores. Place the flashlight where the bulb should be and place a mirror over it. There you go, your lamp is ready.

Flashlight Storytelling

If you enjoy reading and storytelling time with your kids, you can level it up a little with the use of a flashlight. Turn off the light, turn on your flashlight and you’re ready. Easy as that. You can build a fortress out of pillows and sheets to make it even more fun and memorable. Your kids will never forget these moments!

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