Creative Suggestions to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out from the Competition

If you are a restaurant owner, you probably know how challenging it can be to make a name for yourself. There’s always a new restaurant opening around the block, a new food trend, or a new décor design that seems to steal the spotlight. In this fast-paced and saturated world, how can you possibly make your restaurant stand out from the competition and build a brand?

The good news is that there are some easy and fun ways to boost your restaurant’s appeal and set it apart from the rest. However, as is with most things, for that, you will need to put in some time, effort, and financial investment.

Chic and Customized Uniforms for Your Employees

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Advertising within your restaurant can be tricky. You don’t want to overdo self-advertising inside, as many details can come off as tacky. And once people start perceiving your restaurant as ‘tacky’, they will start doubting your food quality and service. And that’s certainly not something you want and need. Just like we don’t like people who sing their own praises, inter-restaurant advertising should be stylish and subtle.

Besides advertising your name on the menus, glasses, and napkins, the most effective advertising is on your employee uniforms. For example, tastefully designed customized uniforms featuring a logo on a sleeve or chest are a great subtle reminder to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can also add your logo or name of the restaurant to the aprons, pants and shirts your employees wear.

Besides solidifying the memory of your restaurant, well designed customized uniforms can also improve employee performance. And what can make a restaurant’s ambience more inviting than a friendly, caring, and well-trained staff? Your employees should be proud of the uniforms they wear while working in your restaurant. Well designed and comfortable to wear uniforms will also encourage a team mindset.

Be a Trendsetter

There’s always a new trend you might feel like you should follow but trends come and go and it’s important for you to determine where should you direct your energy and finances. Being aware of the trends is important, but you will never stand out from the crowd if you just follow the trends. How about creating a trend? You should take a look at your customers and see what they like and start from there.

Recognize who your target customers are and what makes them happy. If, for example, your most common customers are tech-savvy 20 something youngsters, you might want to offer them cuisine with a molecular gastronomic leaning. You can even add a cool new method of automatisation to your restaurant or adopt new technology to start a trend. It all depends on your target audience. This may not be an effective approach if your most common clients are older people who want just to eat and catch up. Determining who your target audience is and what they like, beyond just food) is crucial in being ahead of the curve and creating trends.

Engage on Social Media to Build Brand Loyalty and Trust

Social media can help you build brand loyalty. Facebook and Instagram are your best allies when it comes to social media marketing. To make the most out of your profiles, post pictures of your finest dishes, promote any events you may have in the restaurant and advertise your latest deals and happenings. You can also post simple and effective things like what are your working hours, and how customers can contact you and visit your restaurant.

You can also publish posts of what happens behind the scenes and give your followers a “reality” angle. Maybe you will also post potential new recipes and ask customers for their opinion, or just ask them what they would like to see as your next special. Building a social media following definitely takes some time and effort, but stick with it, it will undoubtedly pay off.

Offer a Signature Dish

Source: Cargo crew website

A visually appealing, mouth-watering and reasonably priced signature dish can get people talking and coming back for more. They are also a great way to ensure your guests will remember your restaurant and that the dining experience will stick in their minds. If you do a really great job promoting your signature dish on your social media and through word of mouth, you can also attract press attention to your restaurant, which will be a huge plus.

Signature dishes are the ideal strategy for fine dining restaurants that can let their super-chefs get creative in the kitchen and create some real magic. But signature dishes can also be an effective addition to neighbourhood cafes and bistros as well. For example, being popular for an exquisitely good breakfast dish can help you to stand out from the all-day dining establishments.

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