Egypt: The Suggested Destination to Awaken the Adventurer in You

If there’s a thrilling, and enriching experience in life, it’s got to be travelling. Here are some quotes to awaken the wanderlust in you: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport”, “Travel because life is short, and the world is huge”. Do you need more inspiration to become your adventurer-self? Read through this post, as I share things with you about the country of magic, called Egypt.

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The world’s fascination with Egypt isn’t something only we modern day people are guilty of, as the ancient Macedonians, and Romans were there first. The vibrant mix of sand dunes, mysterious timeless architecture, extraordinary cuisine, and charming shops where you can make the most of bargaining are just some of the reasons why you should consider it your mission to go on an Egypt vacation. Take a look at the variety of travel packages, touring all over Egypt, including through neighbouring Jordan, and Iran, and you wouldn’t be able to resist.

Take a trip down history, and meet the glorious lives of the unforgettable pharaohs, queens, dynasties, gods, and goddesses, their final resting places in the royal burial chambers, treat yourself to a walk through the well-trodden paths leading to the famous ancient sites like Giza, to witness the grandeur of the Pyramids, the enigmatic Sphynx, and take a peek at what luxury Luxor and Edfu temples behold, rounding up with taking pictures with your eyes of the mesmerising fire sunsets.

An Egypt vacation isn’t complete if not for the Nile, so you can enjoy getting to know the majestic river and the flourishing coast with an unforgettable cruise. You can get to know more of the rich history of this land by paying a visit to the memorable Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Catacombs, the gorgeous Montazah Gardens, and the beauty of Alexandria, with its most famous library since ancient times.

You can fully immerse in this country and culture by doing what the locals do, which includes camel rides, shopping at the vibrant labyrinth bazaar called Khan al-Khalili treating yourself with the purchase of some exotic items, and of course, treating your palate with some of the savoury Egyptian dishes. A taste of dolma is sure to get you coming back for more. You can also take the opportunity to come one on one with animals too by spotting wildlife. Now how is that for a vacation?

Mia Hadson

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