The Ideal Industrial Bakery Equipment for Your New Business

For many people, making a trip to their local bakery or the bakery section of a supermarket is the most delightful part of the morning. Taking in the aroma of warm bread or sweet pastries fresh out of the oven both soothing and mouthwatering. Who can resist that? That’s why on every street there’s either a patisserie or a diner serving delicious pastries over a nice cup of tea or coffee. If you too have chosen to start a bakery business, than you’ve certainly made a good decision. Besides a passion for baking, you’ll also need the ideal equipment. When going through the wide range of industrial bakery equipment for sale, here are the most essential pieces you should focus your attention on.

Industrial Bakery Equipment

Dough Mixers

Baking starts with dough. In order to get the desired quality and texture of a pastry, the flour should be mixed properly. If you’re running a small bakery operation, mixing the dough by hand won’t be too hard. However, if you have a large commercial business then you’d want at least one if not more dough mixers. Not only will this piece of baking equipment speed up operations, but it will also preserve the energy of your bakers which can be put into decorating the final product.

Dough Shaping Equipment

Whether you’re making pizza or baking pies, breads or cookies, you’ll want to have consistent results at all times. That’s where dough dividers come in. These specialised pieces of industrial bakery equipment for sale can take a large batch of dough and divide it into equally sized portions. Then, for an even more ideal result, you can use a dough sheeter which takes a ball of dough and stretches it out to the size and thickness you desire. Both of these machines save labour and improve the consistency of your product range.

Pick the Right Oven

The essential piece of equipment in any bakery, large or small, is the oven. Of all the types of ovens used in bakeries, convection ovens are the most common and least expensive. They can bake quickly and evenly a variety of pastries and other products from large bread loafs to small cookies and brownies, and from cakes to pies. Convection ovens have internal fans that provide air circulation for even browning.

Some artisan bakeries or those that prepare specific types of European bread prefer a deck oven. This type of oven uses stone cooking decks which create pastries with a distinctive, crispy crust and a soft, creamy inside. Compared to a convection oven, the deck oven is bulkier and can take up a large amount of your space, so keep that in mind.

Present Your Treats

When you’re done with the production process, you’d want to consider the ways you can keep your goods fresh and present them in the best light possible. For that reason, you need a good display case. Both refrigerated and non-refrigerated models are available, depending on the pastries you’re selling, but a mix of both is always a good choice. Make sure that the display case has good humidity control and a special system to avoid steaming in hot products.

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