Essential Care Products to Make Baby Bath Time Safe and Fun

If there is one thing that many new parents get nervous about it is bathing their newborn babies. While the first times you give your newborn a bath can be a bit tricky, with the right baby bath essentials at hand you will discover that bath time is not something to fear. Actually, you will see that bath time is a great way for you and your baby to bond and also a fantastic way to relax and just have fun.

For this, you’ll need a bathtub and a few baby care products. However, there are quite a few things that you can add to your checklist to make the most out of your little bundle of joy’s bath time. Here are our suggested baby bath essentials for an even more enjoyable bath time.

Skip Hot Moby Bathtub

baby in a blue bathing tub for babies


Just like a baby nest can help your baby snuggle up safely, this bathtub cradles your baby from head-to-toe, keeping them comfortable during bath time. Another great thing about this bath is that it grows with your baby and can be used in a variety of ways. The sling that comes with the bath, in addition to cradling newborns, also prevent them from slipping and sliding. The sling can then be rolled to create a padded seat for your baby and then removed once they can sit up on their own. Once your baby becomes a toddler and has outgrown the seat, you can simply remove the insert and they will have plenty of room to splash. As your baby starts to understand things, the whale design will help make bathtime a lot more fun.

Rinsing Cup

picture of a woman bathing a baby with a rinsing cup


New parents tend to assume that they can just wash off the soap from their baby’s body with their hands. This may sound okay in theory but in practice, you will find out that rising can be more complicated than you thought. Rinsing your baby’s skin with your hand is not only impractical and inefficient, but it is also tiring. A rising cup does this job a lot quicker and more effectively. Some rinsing cups even include a visor that prevents water from getting into your baby’s eyes.

Baby Care Products

picture of a baby care products


When it comes to what is the best baby bath products, always give preference to the ones formulated without questionable chemicals and fragrances. For instance, take a look at the baby care products by Wotnot. The brand offers 100% natural and organic care products for babies that are free from harmful ingredients that can cause irritation.

The Wotnot baby wash, for example, is a natural baby wash that cleanses the gentle baby skin without stripping its natural oils. It is enriched with organic flaxseed oil, which is one of nature’s richest sources of omega-3 and omega-6. Omega-3 is considered essential to human health but can not be produced by the body. This wash also contains GMO-free vitamin E to soothe the baby’s skin, and it’s gentle enough even for newborns.

Right after the bath, keep baby’s skin soft and hydrated with the Wotnot baby lotion, which is enriched with certified organic oils. Combined with GMO-free vitamin E, this lotion ensures that the baby’s skin is gently nourished and soothed.

Wondering when can you start using baby bath products? Organic products can be used on newborns with no problem. When using regular products, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.


picture of baby with thermometer


It is extremely important to keep your baby’s bathwater at an adequate temperature, which is 38 degrees Celsius. Maintaining your baby’s surrounding temperature will help keep them from getting too hot or too cold. Some parents measure the baby’s bathwater with their elbows. While you too can do this, keep in mind that each one of us has different heat tolerances. What may feel cool to you can be too hot for your baby’s delicate skin. So, to make sure you get the water temperature right, consider getting a bath thermometer.

Bath Toys

picture of a baby bath toys in a tub


Make bath time even more fun and exciting with bath toys. A rubber duck may be a classic bath toy, but you can also choose toys that help enhance your baby’s developmental skill. To spout, for example, while it may look a simple activity, it actually has the power to strength your baby’s fine motor skills. Other options to consider include stacking cups, baby books and foam letters.

Hooded Towel

picture of a baby in a blue hooded towel on a wooden floor


I recommend you to get hooded towels for your baby because they stay on a lot better than regular towels. Plus, as you may know, newborn babies, lose body heat through their heads. With a hooded towel, you won’t have to worry about your baby getting too cold after bath time. Make sure you get one made from bamboo material to ensure that it is ultra-soft and absorbent.

Bath Organizer

picture of a bath organizer for babies on a tub


When you are busy doing the house chores and taking care of your baby, it’s easy to forget a bath essential. Now, it’s very dangerous to leave a baby in the tub without supervision – even if it only takes you a few seconds to grab the baby wash from the shelf, these seconds are never worth the risk. Keep this rule in mind: never take your hands off your baby during bath time. This is why you should get a bath organizer. This item will allow you to keep all your baby bathing products and toys inside it, ensuring a fuss-free and safe bath time.

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