The Suggested Pieces of Essential Tactical Apparel to Own

For those of you who want to get into the tactical arena, being tactical means being prepared for many things when out in the open. Above all, you have to be prepared with the right boots and outwear in case the weather decides to surprise you, you need to be equipped with an emergency kit in case of an injury, have a flashlight and so on.

Tactical apparel isn’t meant for the military or paramilitary operations exclusively and it may be anything that’s designed to help you in a worst case scenario to survive or accomplish your mission. And although pieces of equipment may be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about tactical equipment, clothing also plays a huge role in how successful you are in your mission.


Your feet need both comfort and protection in order for you to perform at your best, that’s why you need to look for a pair that has ankle support and good traction. A moisture-wicking material like Gore-Tex is a must when walking through a puddly area, and as with every piece of tactical apparel, waterproofness is a feature that comes by default. Tactical boots should be light on your feet but they should also be sturdy and durable.


Your choice of a shirt should depend on the weather conditions of the area that you intend to use it and your size. Cotton will be your best friend in the hot summer days, while for the colder and rainy days, opt for a woolen shirt to keep you warm and cozy.


A solid tactical jacket shouldn’t restrict your movement and it should be both waterproof and windproof. You can also find jackets with a Teflon finish which helps prevent stains. A good rule of thumb to see if the jacket suits you is to check how easy it is for you to hold your firearm while wearing it.


Make sure to choose pants that have multiple pockets so that you can carry your essentials and have them within your arm’s reach. Get a pair that has a rip-stop pattern so you don’t tear them easily. Pants that are a combination of cotton and polyester are your best bet as that way you will have a pair that’s made of a breathable and moisture-wicking material at the same time.


The cap you’ll be wearing should be thick enough to protect you from the sun’s rays but breathable enough not to make your forehead sweaty. Also, if your cap is not waterproof, consider getting one that dries out pretty quick instead.

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