Get Ready for Hunting With the Right Hunting Clothes

Going into the wild requires wearing suitable clothing. And when you’re going with the purpose to hunt, you should become one with nature. Camouflage or camo gear is a popular choice for many hunters, so they can mimic the colours of nature without exposing themselves in front of wild animals. But if you’re new to hunting and want to do things right, you probably have a lot of questions about the type of clothes you need to get. First of all, you should get insulated hunting clothes that will keep your body temperature regulated. Also, you should always dress in layers and have your body protected (from head to toes). Here is what else you should pay attention to when purchasing your thermal hunting gear.

insulated hunting clothes


Things to Consider


Your camo clothes should be matched to the temperature of the area you’ll hunt in. Hunting in insulated camo clothes when it’s 35°C can be real hell. This is why you should get clothes suitable for the season and always dress in layers. You will need a lightweight shirt and pants, a light jacket and a light hat. In case it’s cold, your clothes must be well insulated so your body doesn’t lose heat. This means you’ll have to get heavier and insulated trousers, a jacket, shirts and blouses, a hat, gloves and a scarf. If hunting is your thing, you will need at least two sets of camo clothes, suitable for both hot and cold weather.

Terrain Pattern & Camouflage

Camo comes in various patterns so that you can always blend into the area where you go hunting. Naturally, you will be visible if you wear green and brown camo and go hunting in the desert. The terrain where you hunt will determine the pattern best for you. If you go hunting high in the forest, choose green and brownish colour patterns. If you plan to hunt from the ground, it’s best to match the vegetation you’ll be in. Before purchasing your clothes, know where you’ll be doing most of your hunting.

base layers for hunting in cold weather


Base Layers

When choosing your insulated hunting clothes, you should have in mind that it won’t be one or two pieces. Layers are crucial for hunting in cool or cold weather. Layering allows you to wear the right amount of clothes to stay warm. Camo layers are even better because this way you can get undressed (remove the jacket when the sun starts to shine) and not worry that your bright-coloured t-shirt is visible and distracting to birds and animals. All your layers should be camo since you’ll be able to blend in with the scenery much easier.

Mid Layers

Your mid-layers should be lighter. If you’re going hunting during the cold months, the mid-layers should be insulated as well. So, when you remove the top layer, the mid-layers will allow you to regulate your body heat without causing you to feel cold. Mid-layers are of course, lighter than the outer layers, but still, they should be warm enough to wear alone (shirts, blouses, t-shirts).

Outer Layers

When the weather gets chillier, and when you’re sitting for long hours waiting in the wild, you’ll need a suitable outer layer. Synthetic or down insulated outer layers work well. Down is excellent and will keep you warm, but if it gets wet, it won’t be comfortable. Synthetic insulation is a much better (and more affordable) option since it will keep you warm and comfortable even if it gets wet. So, if rain is a possible option, your outer layers should be made of synthetic fabrics. Make sure that your outer layers are water-resistant and are good at blocking wind.

Hunting boots


Hunting Jackets, Pants, Boots, Hat

Your thermal hunting gear should consist of several things such as a hunting jacket, pants, boots and hat. These are the basics that will not only keep you warm but also are the base part for layer clothing. The pants should not make noise when you walk, so make sure to get materials such as wool and synthetic (your body temperature will remain regulated, without causing you to sweat). The jacket must also not make any noise when you move (even the slightest sound can scare off the animals). Besides being camo, make sure it’s warm enough not to compromise your comfort.

Hats are an important piece of equipment so that your head is protected from the elements. If it’s raining, you won’t have to worry about getting your hair wet, and if it’s hot it will keep your scalp protected from the harmful sun rays. It’s best to get two types of hats -; a brimmed one that will block out the sun and a warm beanie that will keep your head and ears warm in the winter months.

Hunting boots are a must as your feet must remain protected not only from the cold weather but also from potential bites from snakes, insects or animals. Also, let’s not forget that you will feel more stable if your foot and ankle are well protected.

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