Here’s Why You Should Upgrade Your Navara D22s Exhaust System

In the world of carmakers, the ones that we see as the most innovative and environmentally aware are mainly Japanese. A brand that sticks out when it comes to riding comfort and longevity is Nissan. This is especially the case with the manufacturer’s most popular pickup truck lineup, the Navara. The Navara D22 is one of Nissan’s more versatile vehicles, as it is able to go just about anywhere without breaking a sweat.

The vehicle also feels like a premium car although you’re not paying the price of one. Like all Japanese car manufacturers, Nissan also puts a lot of their focus on smart safety features, which the Navara D22 is packed with. But unfortunately, like a lot of manufacturers, Nissan has made the Navara D22 with some limitations so that it performs optimally and is as affordable as possible to compete in the car market. As we all know, some people care about performance just much as they care about driving comfort, and the exhaust system is the best place to start if you’re looking to improve performance.

aftermarket D22 exhaust

Why Upgrade Exhaust?

More Power

The number one reason to install a new exhaust D22 Navara exhaust upgrade is power gains. With the right configuration, an aftermarket D22 exhaust can add more horsepower and thus, make your vehicle more powerful. This is because an aftermarket D22 exhaust upgrade lets in more air, allowing the engine to “breathe” more freely.

Increased Lifespan

A new component will obviously prolong the lifespan of your system, but getting the right type of exhaust upgrade for your D22 Navara will increase the lifespan of your engine thus, increasing the longevity of your vehicle as well. New aftermarket exhaust upgrades are made from high-quality materials and with protective coatings that make them last as long as the vehicle itself, or longer.

Improved Sound

Improved Sound

If you don’t like how your D22 Navara sounds when you press the accelerator pedal all the way down, then consider changing the muffler. In fact, if this is all you want to change, your exhaust upgrade can turn out to be very affordable. But remember, changing your muffler alone won’t provide you with any performance and fuel consumption improvements.

Better Fuel-Economy

With the right air-to-fuel ratio you get a more efficient engine. A new exhaust system with wider pipes can make this happen. Furthermore, wider diameters will allow exhaust fumes to leave the exhaust system much faster, reducing backpressure and improving fuel economy and performance.


While performance gains are the most common reason why people upgrade their D22 exhaust, sometimes you just want to make your Navara look sportier. In order to do this, all you have to do is get an aftermarket exhaust tip. Exhaust tips are available in a large range of shapes, sizes and finishes, so you’re bound to find one that will give your Navara a unique look.


How to Upgrade Exhaust


The first component of every exhaust and one that comes in direct contact with the engine are the manifolds, or what some people call headers. This component is what draws exhaust gasses from the engine and it can affect how fast the gas goes through the entire system. Replacing the stock manifold with an aftermarket header that has separated tubes for each cylinder head can make a big change in letting exhaust fumes escape more easily.


Experts suggest that the downpipe is the most impactful component in improving airflow. The quicker exhaust fumes escape your vehicle – the better it is for the engine and its overall performance. With a wider and straighter downpipe, you help eliminate backpressure and let gasses flow freely.


While the muffler plays an important role in making your ride quieter, it also puts a lot of restrictions on how fast exhaust fumes escape. Getting an aftermarket muffler can improve both performance and the sound your vehicle produces. Some people actually prefer their vehicle with a more aggressive tone. However, make sure it’s in compliance with local rules and regulations.

T304 vs stainless steel


When it comes to selecting the material of your new D22 Navara exhaust there are three options – T304, T409 and aluminised steel. T304 steel is a non-hardened, corrosion-resistant material that can maintain its finish in harsh environments. T409 stainless steel is a hardened material that combines steel and titanium, and it is even more corrosion resistant than T304. Aluminised steel is the most affordable exhaust material since it is not as strong as the previous two I just mentioned, but it is lighter in weight, which can improve fuel economy.


There are two types of exhaust bends you can find on aftermarket exhausts – mandrel and crush bends. Crush bent exhaust systems are restrictive since they are not as smooth as mandrel-bent exhausts, and the bending technique used to manufacture them leaves them with a reduced profile and diameter. Mandrel-bent exhausts are more expensive, but airflow is improved significantly because the bends have no creases on them. Mandrel-bent exhausts are pricier simply because they are made with a special kind of manufacturing process that involves using a supporting mandrel while the tubes go through the radius and die.

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