Home Decor Suggestions to Give Your Home a Stylish Update: 4 Accessories That Never Disappoint

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A home is much more than a simple shelter – it’s an extension of our personal style and preferences. The decorations in our homes can influence our mood, productivity and quality of life overall.

And in this day and age where we spend most of our time indoors, it’s more important than ever to choose aesthetically pleasing décor pieces that won’t be too hard on the eyes. These will create a soothing atmosphere whether you’re spending time on your own or entertaining guests.

Inspiring Wall Art

wall art print
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Staring at a blank wall can often be intimidating since there are so many ways in which you can customise it. Instead of this, you can see it as a source of endless possibilities. And if you’re still scared to experiment with original paintings, there’s always the affordable and beautiful wall art print range.

When looking for an artwork print, we often fall into the trap of getting loud statement pieces that catch our eye without thinking about how they can fit into our existing aesthetic. Not only are these hard to include in our home designs, but they can also create a tense and unsettling atmosphere in your space.

That said, the best wall art print is a neutral piece in soothing colours. For this reason, I suggest Aboriginal art prints. These are gorgeous abstract artworks that signify Australia’s cultural heritage. An Aboriginal wall art print includes a combination of lines, dots and shapes. These present calming scenes with motives from nature and dreams. For this reason, they’re not only good for your living room walls but can also create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.

The artists take inspiration from the original Australian Aboriginal artworks that had an important role in the past. These people had no written language of their own, so they transferred their culture through their art. They included unique traditional symbols through which they transferred information. The main characteristic of Aboriginal art is the dot painting, which involves oversaturating the surface with dots. The natives used it out of concern that the white men would understand the sacred and private knowledge hidden in their art.

Another décor idea that will spice up your blank walls is modern wallpapers with floral motives. Bringing nature indoors is a big trend these past few years, and incorporating nature-inspired wallpapers is one way to achieve this. You may think prints with exaggerated floral motives are old-fashioned, but if you choose the right wallpaper, it can easily give your space the wow factor you’re looking for. Go for wallpapers in ambiental muted colours with exaggerated flower petals and intricate painterly details.

Beautiful Plants and Planters

Beautiful Plants and Planters
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Incorporating plants is essential for bringing your home to life. They add beauty, promote a positive mood, purify your indoor air and make you feel connected with nature without having to go outside. The problem is, with our busy lives we can rarely find the time to take care of plants. Even so, there are certain low maintenance indoor plants that can thrive in all conditions. These include succulents, ZZ plants, peace lilies, juniper bonsai and others.

Plants are valuable home décor; however, the design of the planters is just as important as the appearance of the plant. When getting a planter pot, you need to look for a functional and visually appealing piece. Make sure your planter’s size corresponds to the size of the plant. Your planter should also have proper drainage to discard the excess water, as this can seriously damage your plant’s roots.

Concrete planters are one of the trendiest décor pieces. They’re stylish, simple and come in a variety of different shapes. Their texture creates visual interest, while their neutral colour allows them to fit into any home design. A lot of designs have subtle golden elements or pastel colours, so this is a great way to add some colour in a monotone space.

Decorative Cushions

Decorative Cushions
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When on the topic of home décor, we can’t leave out the decorative cushions. A few well-selected pieces can add colour and style to any sofa. When choosing your cushions, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. Firstly, you need to make sure they match the existing colour palette of the room. Try to identify two or three central colours that you will use as a colour palette for your cushions. Another thing to consider is the style of the room. If it’s already pretty busy with decorations, you should choose a few neutral cushions. In case you own a lot of plants, you can easily complement them with cushions in a tropical pattern.

The goal to successfully accessorize with cushions is variety. Mix and match cushions in different sizes and colours. Combine solid colours and patterns in the ratio 2:1:2 and try to include at least five for your living room sofa. Cushions are a great way to make a smooth transition between dark and bright elements in a space. They also help to include a splash of colour in a mostly neutral space.
Regarding cushion material, there are plenty of synthetic and natural fabrics you can choose from. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are popular for their wrinkle resistance, whereas cotton and linen are great for people with sensitive skin.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles
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Scented candles are a great way to add cosiness and harmony to a room. They’re a suitable addition to all styles of environment and have decorative value both lit and unlit. There are endless opportunities for decorating with candles. They come in a variety of different colours and shapes that go well with other décor pieces, such as vases, books, flowers and more. The stylish glass and metal containers additionally contribute to the aesthetic value.

Candles are also therapeutic additions to your home. The flames create a soothing atmosphere, while the aromas have the ability to improve our mood and calm a racing mind. Scented candles have the incredible power of renewing your energy after a hard day at work or doing chores. They put your mind in an almost meditative state and help you free yourself from the build-up of stress you’ve been carrying around. Apart from this, candles help you spark up the romance between you and your partner. A candlelight dinner with red wine and good food can go a long way.

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