Important Suggestions on Choosing a Great Hairspray

Just like faces need setting sprays to keep the makeup in place, hair needs hairspray to stay in place. Also known as hair lacquer, this styling product is available in different types to meet different hairstyle needs. If you are new to this, first you need to go through the different formulas and types of hair sprays in order to make the right choice.

Choose the Right Hair Spritz Formula

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There are lots of hair sprays on the market, containing different ingredients, so before making a purchase, reading the label is a must. Generally speaking, you can opt from two types of hair lacquer formula:

Aerosol Hair Spritz

These types of sprays emit a fine mist that adds volume to the hair. Usually, this product comes in a pressurised container that releases atomised liquid once activated. According to hairstylists, this type of hair spritz is ideal for those who have thinner hair as it adds volume and it can make it look thicker. In other words, these hair spritzers are ideal for those of you who want to achieve a fuller hair look.

Non-aerosol Hair Spritz

This type of hair spritz is known as pump spray which uses a combo of springs, tubes and valves to release the liquid inside the container. While these sprays can be used on finer hair, hairstylist recommend using them only on thicker and naturally curly hair types.

The Many Types of Hair Spray

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There are several types of hairspray available and all of them are designed for different purposes in order to help you achieve the look you want.

  • Volume – These contain volumising properties in order to add body and create a dramatic look. The purpose of these sprays is to add extra weight to the hair, which means that they are mainly designed for fine and straight hair types. Volumising hair sprays are not designed for curly and thicker hair types as it can make the strands puffy and frizzy.
  • Setting – Setting sprays are designed to lightly style the hair by smoothing out any flyaways. Usually, they are designed for those with fine and straight hair by holding in place its light strand of hair. Practise shows that these hair styling products can also be used on straightened and curled iron hair.
  • Anti-frizz – As the name implies, these hair products are designed for those of you who struggle with extremely frizzy hair. An anti-frizz hair spray can keep the frizz in place during the whole day. This product can be mainly beneficial for everyone who is dealing with humid and rainy weather, as no matter the hair type, frizziness during such days is inevitable.
  • Control – This product might be one of the strongest on the market. It is designed to hold the hair in place no matter the hairstyle and type. The control hair sprays are one of the most basic types and are designed for all hair types.
  • Shine – Shine hair lacquers are designed for those who struggle with extremely dry hair. These products are designed to add life to the hair by promoting shine in no time.

All types of these hair sprays can be divided into three main categories: light, medium and strong hair sprays.


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The lighter versions of these hair styling products are designed to hold the hair in place for about few hours. They are ideal for those who want to eliminate frizz or for those who want to secure the curls without weighing the hair down. In other words, these hair lacquers give the hair flexible look without making it look stiff and sticky.



When compared to the light version, this type of hair spritz can provide a firmer hold while still allowing for some hair strand adjustments. These sprays are ideal for keeping the hair in place throughout the day and are great for those who rock the ponytail, beach waves and straight hair looks.


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These hair spritzes are recommended for hard to handle hair types and hairstyles and are ideal for use in humid and windy weather. The strong hair sprays are designed to hold the hairstyle in place for an extremely long time which explains its use. Simply said, they are used for hairstyles that require extensive hold like when attending a cocktail party, a wedding and so on.

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