The Suggested Models of Ski Goggles to Buy in 2020

Ski goggles are generally an afterthought when it comes to choosing your mountain outfit. Many people wrongly believe that the only use of googles is keeping snow out of their eyes when adventuring up on the slopes. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Taking into account the fact that today you can find a lot of models offering interchangeable lenses, ski goggles are suitable for various conditions.

carve ski goggles

But as is with any other piece of winter sports equipment, there are tons of options on the market to choose from which might make picking the best one for your needs a real hassle. Sure, you can just go online and pick a super cheap pair of goggles for next to nothing, but why would you do that? In most cases, they are built cheaply and won’t hold up to the wear and tear they’ll be subjected to throughout the season. To help you out in the pursuit of best goggles for your next adventure, we’ve broken down the top snow goggles on the market. Let’s get into more detail.

The First Tracks Snow Goggle

This model is a Carve classic! Featuring an adjustable strap, interchangeable lens and 100% UV protection, the First Tracks snow goggles designed by Carve has everything you’d ever want in a superior pair of snow goggles. They have an anti-fog lens that helps ensure that your goggles aren’t always fogging up and they come in a wide range of lens colours, incorporating the latest technology.

This model, and all Carve designs, as a matter of fact, is built to perform and it is sold at affordable prices. This brand stocks a diverse range of lens styles, depending on the type of conditions you’re expecting, be that all-round lens, low light lens, extreme low light lens, and clear lens. Comfort, style and variety are the trademarks of the snow goggles designed by this awesome brand.

They are an international surf wear brand that originated in Australia and grew to become an icon in the industry. Today, as a multinational brand, their clothing, sunglasses, wetsuits, swimwear, snow gear and accessories are sold in hundreds of stores around the world! Carve is driven by their passion to design great products at affordable prices!

smith snow goggles

Smith Squad XL

Offering a great mix of both value and functionality without the high cost, the Smith Squad ski google sits in the middle of this manufacturer’s lineup. Their cylindrical lens is equipped with anti-fog technology and it features three layers of foam to create a solid seal. This adds to the moisture-shedding properties of the goggles that enable a dry and fog-free view of the terrain ahead.

ChromaPop lens technology is a long-running staple of Smith’s sunglasses. It works in a way that it filters out specific wavelengths of light in order to reduce ambiguity in the section of our brain that processes colour. This results in visual clarity that makes it possible for you to ride in basically all kinds of light conditions with unmatched optical clarity. The package includes a protective non-ChromaPop lens, and you can also buy other lenses separately and change them on the fly. Add to all this the company’s self-shaping Responsive Fit Frame that adjusts to your face’s contours, along with the Ultra-Wide Silicone Backend Strap, and you’ve got a killer ski goggle that will be your best ally in all weather conditions.

oakley ski goggles

Oakley Flight Deck

Most of you probably have heard about Oakley thanks to their superb quality sunglasses. However, they have also been manufacturing ski goggles for years with a similar fashion-forward design as their sunglasses. The Flight Deck Google is an excellent example of premium quality ski goggles featuring rimless design and interchangeable lenses. The Prizm lenses eliminate glare while maximizing contrast and improving visibility. They also feature anti-fog coating, and even though they aren’t exactly marketed as OTG (over-the-glass) frames, you can wear most types of eyeglass underneath them comfortably thanks to the Flight Deck’s bigger size and discreet frame notches at the temples.

anon snow goggles

Anon M2

There is no doubt that Anon is one of the top ski goggles manufacturers on the market today, and that comes at a premium. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is, Anon M2 is well worth it if you have the budget as they are both very durable and comfortable. Besides their superior anti-fog capabilities, one of their coolest features is the ease of changing the lens. The lenses are attached to the goggles with the help of strong magnets and to swap them out, you need to pop them off and put the new lens on. Customers claim that although the lenses are extremely easy to swap, they stay on even on the hardest falls. Plus, the contrast and clarity are top-notch thanks to Zeiss Sonar lens technology which is built right into the lens.

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