Inflatable Boat: The Suggested Watercraft for Beginner Anglers

There are two types of anglers – those that wait for the fish to come to them, and those with a “hunter’s mindset” who go out there and get them. Are you considering switching to the second group? After all, sitting by the bank for hours and waiting for something to bite isn’t exactly fun, is it? In that case, you’ll need something to get your further down the water. And if you ask me, a great way to start is by getting an inflatable boat.

But why an inflatable boat, and not say, a dinghy, a bass boat or some other traditional form of recreational water vessel? Simply because inflatable watercrafts offer a host of advantages for beginner anglers. But that doesn’t mean that even experienced anglers won’t find it more convenient to use an inflatable rather than to drag around a traditional boat. If you are wondering what those advantages are, keep reading.


Super Portable

While all small fishing boats are considered portable, transporting them to the desired place can present a bit of a hassle. Just think about it, you either need a pick-up truck or struggle to secure the boat on the top of your car. But that is not the case with inflatables. Because of their compact and lightweight design, they only require a small portion of your trunk to fit. What’s more, they are ideal for travelling on foot when you need to reach a remote location, which wouldn’t be possible with a traditional boat.

Easy to Store

When it comes to traditional fishing boats, transportation isn’t the only issue – there’s also storage. After all, they are bulky items which need to be kept somewhere when not in use. If you live in an apartment or lack the space needed for a kayak or a standard boat, getting an inflatable fishing boat can be a great solution. When deflated, it can be stored even in limited spaces such as closets.

More Affordable

Buying a fishing boat is not exactly cheap, and as such, it can be a big commitment. If you’re not sure you’ll have the time (or motivation) to fish that often, getting something less expensive is a smarter decision. A big advantage of inflatables is that they are very affordable. While there are some advanced models that can cost over a grand, most of them can fit into everyone’s budget. What’s more, inflatables are also easy to maintain, whereas wooden rafts will need to be waxed and polished regularly which can end up costing you a lot.

Mia Hadson

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