Interesting Ways to Use a Pressure Washer

Maintaining and cleaning the exterior of your home isn’t difficult when you have the right cleaning tools. One of the most useful, convenient, and versatile types of tools these days is the pressure washer. Also known as power washer, it has the ability to clean even the most stubborn stains from the pavement without the need of any other special cleaning solvent. This powerful and portable cleaning tool works by allowing water to enter the machine at low pressure while the machine’s motor pumps water through a hose, and then into the spray nozzle at extremely high pressure.

As we already said, a pressure cleaner is ideal for all kinds of jobs from light to heavy-duty, problems that a garden hose can’t handle. Whether you choose an electric, petrol or gas power washer, a compact or big model, a more or less powerful, what matters the most is choosing a quality portable pressure washer that won’t compromise quality, functionality and efficacy.

What Is the Best Pressure Washer to Buy?


Truth is there’s no good or bad power cleaner unless it comes from an unreliable manufacturer. However, the secret to finding the right type lies in the fact of considering your needs, specifically the type and amount of surface you intend to use it on. Generally speaking, you can choose from three types of pressure cleaner – light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty also known as a commercial cleaner, ranging in the units of pressure indicated by PSI (pounds per square inch).

As the name suggests, light-duty cleaners (up to 1899 PSI) are perfect for smaller jobs around the home. For example, they serve for cleaning the outdoor grill, furniture and vehicle.

Medium-duty cleaners (1900 – 2788 PSI) are sturdier and better for home and shop use. Consequently, they’re more powerful than the light-duty type and are great for cleaning exterior siding, fences, decks and patios.

Heavy-duty washers (2800 PSI and up) are considered commercial-grade washers that make even the hardest cleaning job easy. Whether talking about cleaning a stained driveway, patio or deck, removing paint or graffiti, this powerful washer can clean everything in no time but most importantly, without the need for you to use lots of strength.

Ways to Use It


Cleaning the Driveway

Without any doubt, this is the most common application for such a tool. Cleaning a driveway with it is a pretty effortless job that’ll make a huge difference in the appearance of your exterior. In fact, the look of your driveway can contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home, which is just another reason why you should invest in a washer.

Cleaning the Deck, Siding, Exterior Home Walls

It would be a shame to leave your deck dirty and stained. Given the fact that there are such powerful yet handy and versatile cleaning tools with which you can clean the deck without putting an effort, having one in your home really pays off. Aside from being an easy and satisfying task, with the help of this cleaner and its pressure nozzle, you’ll be able to make both your siding and the exterior walls of your home or garage spotless.

The process is really quick and painless, and the result will be having clean surfaces free from grime, dirt, oil stains and mould. The one thing you should keep in mind about using this kind of tool is choosing the one with the right pressure. Even something as seemingly straightforward as cleaning the garage door or exterior walls of your home can become daunting with the wrong pressure settings. That’s because some materials will get damaged if cleaned with heavy-duty power pressure machines.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Wooden chair cleaning with high pressure water

Even though furniture, especially the one made of wood can be susceptible to water and moisture, you should know that there’s a huge difference between outdoor and indoor wooden furniture in particular. The type of wood used for outdoor furniture is more durable and weather resistant, hence ready to withstand the elements. So, even if you decide to clean it with a power washer, you won’t damage it. Whether you have wooden, plastic or metal outdoor furniture, you can easily clean it and revive its colour with the help of a power cleaner.

Scaling a Fish

The washer can even prove to be of help in the kitchen. Strange isn’t it, to think that it’s that simple and easy to clean and scale a fish?! Well, it is easy and fast, all you’ll need to do is to place the fish on a wooden board, put several nails on the board, flip it over and stuck the fish in each of the nails. That way, the fish won’t move while scaling it under pressure, and the whole cleaning procedure will be done within minutes.

Blowing Away Autumn Leaves

Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year with all of its golden, red and brownish hues. While seeing this landscape in parks is great, unfortunately, having a deck, patio, driveway or garden full of leaves isn’t as appealing as it seems. Luckily, there’s an easy way to clean them without the need to invest separately in a leaf blower. With the help of this versatile tool, you’ll be able to clean the leaves in no time. 

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