The Suggested Women Boots Styles for Ultra-Modern Outfits

Around 1000BC, the first boots as we know them today appeared. Previously, “boots” were made up of three distinct parts: soles, uppers, and a type of legging that wrapped around the legs. However, women didn’t wear boots until the nineteenth century. And it wasn’t until the swinging 1960s that they were classified as a high fashion item. Of course, since then, the history of women’s boots has been – well, history!

Boots Styles that Every Modern Woman Should Invest In

Ankle Boots for Australian Cool & Parisian Chic Ladies

Women's ankle boots

Ankle boots are one of the most adaptable boot styles and can be worn in every season. They are cut just above the ankle and might have a low chunky heel or a stunning stiletto. This boot style is ideal for all leg shapes, as it is both Parisian chic and Australian casual. You can wear this timeless wardrobe essential with almost everything, whether slim jeans or a midi-dress. For the trendy urban look, combine your ankle boots with a pair of distressed cuffed-up jeans.

Stiletto Boots for an Attractive Feminine Look

Stiletto Boots

Chic and sexy, a pair of hot stiletto womens boots will rapidly elevate any outfit no matter the occasion. These highly versatile boots are any length of the boot with a stiletto heel rather than the traditional block heel. You can rock the stiletto boots even in the most formal work events as long as you go for an ankle-cut stiletto boot and combine it with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants, a fitted shirt and a blazer. On the other hand, consider a pair of elastic socks, boots and a bodycon dress for a night out with the girls.

Wedge Boots for Women Who Love Comfort

Who doesn’t adore a good wedge boot? You could practically walk miles in them without complaining! They’re stylish and oh-so-comfortable! Women love the ones with a pointed toe or hardware details, which are available in various lengths ranging from ankle to mid-calf to over the knee.

The wedge makes the overall shoe chunkier, giving your outfit an edgy vibe. Pair ankle-high wedge boots with similar-coloured skinny jeans to make your legs appear longer, or with a turtleneck sheath dress for a more modern look.

Rubber Boots for Romantic Walks on the Rain

The first Duke of Wellington popularised these rubber boots, eventually becoming an outdoor and hunting staple for the British aristocracy in the nineteenth century. Wellingtons, also known as gumboots or rain boots, have come a long way in terms of style since the hefty pieces of rubber of yesteryear. Several types are available, ranging from patterned flowers to a sleek matte black variant that is ideal for wet days.

Wear them with skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater for a sleek, rain or snow-friendly style, and accessorise with scarves and beanies to complete the look. Wear knee-high socks that peep just above the tops of your Wellies to give them a splash of colour.

Cowboy Boots for the Stylish Country Girl

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots, as their name suggests, are riding boots traditionally worn by cowboys. This style of womens boots is easily identifiable by the embroidered leather shaft and rounded tips. They’re typically cut off just below the knee, but the latest-fashion adaptations include ankle and calf-length varieties. You’ll want to highlight these boots’ exquisite design and distinctive cut, so wear them with shorter hemlines or slim jeans. Another stylish option is to wear cowboy boots with a pleated skirt for a unique contrast or chiffon, a floral maxi dress for a boho-meets-country vibe.

Chelsea Boots for Instagram Trendsetters

Chelsea boots are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with a rounded toe and a low heel. They typically have a fabric loop placed on the rear of the boot to make it easier to pull them on, as well as a panel of stretch fabric on the sides to allow for a slight give despite the slim cut. If feasible, try them on before purchasing, as the mix of stretch fabric and slim-cut could result in an ill-fitting pair of boots! Once you’ve found the right pair, wear them with slim jeans or sheer leggings and a dress.

Peep Toe Boots for Party Goers

Peep Toe Boots

This style of boot, also known as open-toe booties, has a toe-baring design and can be any length, from ankle to over-the-knee. The peep-toe boot is incredibly adaptable and may be worn for both professional and informal occasions while letting you show off your latest pedicure. For casual Fridays, pair a mesh open-toe bootie with cuffed, faded boyfriend jeans and a basic t-shirt, or a crushed velvet style with a sleek dress to rule both the boardroom and the bar.

Thigh High Boots for Trendy Smart Outfits

Thigh-high boots, also known as above-the-knee boots, are highly flattering and so adaptable that you will never run out of ways to wear them! These distinctive shoes should be a wardrobe essential, whether you choose leather or suede, flat soles or chunky heels. Stylish ladies who enjoy a good contrast should try wearing light-coloured women boots with an all-black ensemble. You can also wear them with a shorter dress or skirt to show off some skin. If the weather turns cooler, simply add a pair of patterned sheer tights for added style.

Knee High Boots for Glamorous Sparkle

Knee high boots

Every girl should have a pair of knee-high boots in her closet since they are elegant, clever, and glamorous! This style of boots for women, which ends just below the knee, is one of the most appealing since they give your legs a streamlined appearance. Mix them with a flouncy skirt, tuck them into jeans, or under a maxi dress with front slits. If your hemline is shorter, match them with colourful knee-high socks and keep the rest of your look monotone.

Riding Boots for the Incurable Lady Rider

Riding boots, traditionally made for horseback riding, are a timeless style that goes with almost anything! They are generally knee-high in length to minimise chaffing and have a distinct heel to keep the rider’s foot from slipping between the stirrups. Even if you’re not riding a horse, these characteristics combine to create a particular form of footwear that is highly flexible.

Given the history of these boots, it only seems sensible to try on the equestrian style! Pair them with a superbly tailored blazer and slim-cut jeans for a polished look.

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