Timeless Wardrobe Essentials: Make Day-to-Day Dressing Easier

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There are so many different types of women clothes and shoes, in an incredible range of styles, designs, quality of fabrics and craftsmanship, that it can be hard to choose what you like, what is good, what you will really wear, and what you really need. This is probably why most of us have felt as if they have nothing to wear, even though their closets are full of garments, footwear, handbags and other fashion items.

While it’s true that there are many women who love shopping, this isn’t a universal rule. Some women like to be efficient, some like to have a lot of things, some don’t like spending hours and hours choosing outfits, some love dressing up, etc. But, regardless of your character and your attitude towards shopping, there are many reasons why you should always try to buy smart.

Learn to Buy What’s Right for You

There are many ways to create a wardrobe that will allow you to easily create outfits and will shorten the time you spend preparing to go out. This of course may not apply to clothes that you buy for special occasions, like galas, weddings or other events that require a dressier dress code or formal attire. But when it comes to everyday outfits, things should and can be easy. For this, you simply need to buy things strategically.


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For a functional timeless wardrobe, you should make sure that you find a womens clothes top that you can wear in different combinations, with several pairs of pants or skirts you own, so you can easily create more looks. And, of course, that you are buying a garment that you will actually wear. To achieve this, your taste is the most important factor, but you also need to think about the colour palette of your wardrobe, the type of bottoms you own, the shoes you own, etc.

Moreover, everyday wear doesn’t mean the same thing for every woman. So, when you are choosing women’s tops for everyday wear, you should make sure that it suits whatever everyday means for you. So, try not to go too far from your own personal taste and style, while also taking your other clothes, your shoes and your accessories into account.

There are several types of tops that you should have in your closet, including t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, blazers, blouses, jumpers, etc. The easiest way to make sure that you own tops for women that can work in more outfits is to have several basic tops. For instance, a plain white t-shirt, a tank top or a black button-up can work in a countless number of combinations. However, you should also always have at least one unique womens clothes top that you can wear as a statement piece, for a night out.


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When it comes to bottoms, things can be a little bit easier. For example, if you own several pairs of jeans in different colours then you are set for thousands and thousands of outfits. Obviously, a pair of classic blue denim jeans can look great with so many different ladies tops – t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, etc., and it can work on all kinds of shoes for women ­– flats, high heels, sneakers, sandals, ballerina shoes, etc. But your blue denim jeans aren’t the only versatile type of jeans. Black jeans are also quite easy to style, and if you want to wear something more interesting, you can always also add a pair of colourful jeans or white jeans for summer.

Apart from jeans, there are other types of pants that can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Leggings, for instance, are extremely versatile, and they have become an essential garment, because they can be styled easily, and they can create fun and stunning outfits.


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Regardless of how into fashion you are and whether you are a minimalist or not, everyone needs several pairs of shoes, if nothing else for different weather conditions. Ideally, you need to buy shoes for women for all seasons, but women who like dressing up have much more. So essentially, to cover all of your outfits you may need sneakers, sandals, ballerina shoes, boots and other flats, as well as and high heeled boots, pumps, etc.

Of course, different women consider different types of shoes to be appropriate for their everyday outfits. Nevertheless, there are some styles that can make every woman’s life easier. For instance, a pair of sneakers is always a good idea, regardless of how casual you like to dress because there is nothing comfier than a pair of sneakers. For the winter, a pair of trendy chunky boots can be styled very easily, and they look great on many kinds of pants, skirts and dresses.

Flat shoes, such as loafers or ballerina flats are also a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They are a very versatile footwear option, especially for casual wear. However, sneakers can look good even on suits, so many people choose to wear them even at events that require formal attire. Furthermore, every woman who likes wearing high heels should own a few pairs – sandals, boots, pumps. However, when it comes to everyday outfits, you should make sure that you own high heeled shoes that give you the right support so that you can walk in them easily and comfortably.

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