Leather Goods Suggestions You Should Own

Leather has been used since paleolithic times. Durable, soft, and protective, this material helped people create the first body and feet covers and bags. As time passed by and as humankind learned how to make more sophisticated items with leather, the clothing and footwear became finer, better looking and more functional. Today, besides elegant shoes, boots, jackets, pants and bags, you can find all sorts of accessories made of leather.

Being made of such a durable, water-resistant and attractive material, leather goods are some of the best accessories you can invest in. Storing your keys in a leather key case, your cards in a leather cardholder or your glasses in a leather glasses case are just a few ways to keep your valuable things protected. In addition to this, if you’re a person who values aesthetics and perfect design that can endure all trends, then these leather-made accessories will be ideal for you.

Leather Key Case

leather key case

source: calame-palma.com

Having a keyring is a fun way to keep your keys in place. But, if you’re a person who loves the classic style and materials that last, then you’ll definitely want to get a gorgeous leather key case. A key case features hooks or loops to attach your keys, and the practical thing is that you can place them all inside the small pocket organizer. What’s more, these cases often have an extra pocket with a zipper where you can store smaller items, such as smaller keys that you don’t use that frequently.

No matter if you’re a man or a woman, a leather key pouch should be your first choice. Instead of constantly looking for the keys in your bag, or pocket, this way you’ll be able to find them instantly. Most of these pouches follow the needs of today’s people, so don’t be surprised to see that besides the keys, you can easily store your cards, I.D, and driver’s license too.

Do you want your hands to be free and don’t have to carry a bag? Pick a leather key pouch that attaches to your belt. It’s exceptionally practical for farmers, campers, hikers and everyone whose hands are often busy. It’s also great if your pants don’t have any pockets where you can store your keys.

When it comes to designs, you can pick anything from an old-fashioned, vintage-looking brown leather, to colourful, trendy key cases. Need something even larger than a small key pouch? Pick a wallet that comes with two separate compartments where you can store your coins, cards, keys and even your phone. Carry it as a clutch while you’re travelling (it’s especially handy when you’re waiting to check-in at the airport).

Glasses Case

glasses leather case

source: cocuan.com

Keep your glasses or sunglasses safe and protected in a leather case. If you have some really expensive sunglasses, this can be a great way to prevent scratches and not have to replace the lenses before their time comes. These cases have a suede lining to keep your glasses free of damage and dirt. If you don’t wear glasses and aren’t a fan of sunglasses, this can be a great gift idea for the upcoming holidays for someone else.

Card Holder

leather card holder case

source: aliexpress.com

Credit cards, ID, public transport cards, cards to unlock the door from work… There are too many of them, and all of them are very important. Having them stored in one place would keep your head calm. Store them in an elegant leather cardholder, specially designed to keep them safe. These holders are lightweight and ideally fit in your pocket or small bag.

Tablet Case

These devices are so fragile and tend to end up with many scratches. A tablet case is a must, but if you’re tired of those plastic or rubber materials, we suggest you try a leather tablet case. It’s a totally unorthodox material for gadget cases, but that’s what makes it unique.
Keep your device in a perfectly organised case where you can also store the charger, a pen, a smaller notebook and even your phone. This way you can carry literally everything you need for work or school in just one case.

Phone Case

Do you value your style and taste and refuse to succumb to the modern trends that force plastic and silicone in your face? A phone case made of leather is the thing that you need. Find the right size for your phone, pick your favourite colour and keep your phone safe. Most of these cases have at least one extra pocket where you can keep a card or two (or some cash). They’re durable and won’t get easily ruined even after hours and hours of holding.

leather phone case

source: crazyhorsecraft.com

Watch Strap

Nothing says great style as a leather watch strap. Personalise your watch and match it with the rest of your leather accessories (key case, belt, shoes). Leather is a timeless material that could make your business smart and business casual outfits look perfect. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, a watch strap made of quality leather would speak volumes about who you are, long before you even introduce yourself.

Luggage Tag

Although this year forced us to stay at home and travelling was barely an option, keep in mind that this too shall pass. There will again come days when we’ll return to packing bags and travelling around the world. And when that happens, having a suitable luggage tag may save you from many problems. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their luggage, so write down your name, phone and address and store the card in a leather luggage tag.

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