LED Strip Lights – The Suggested Lighting Solution for Innovative Home Décor

It seems that nowadays everyone is switching over to using LED lighting. Aussies are no exception, considering the fact that government agencies also recommend using this type of lighting. And that’s for a good reason! LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting solution out there. Besides saving energy and being environmentally friendly, there are a few other reasons why LED lighting is so popular.

strip lighting

For starters, they can be turned on and off instantly – there is no warm-up and no cool-down time. Speaking of warming up, LEDs emit no heat. So, you get all of the perks of having lightning and no downsides. Yet even with all of the advantages mentioned, there are still some people who are not amazed by the appeal of these fixtures and that’s mainly due to their uniformed look. They say that they love incandescent light bulbs because they can get creative with their lampshades and create a nighttime ambience.

Well, the good news is, all those who enjoy ambient lighting can now also switch to using an energy-efficient solution and install LED strip lights in their home! And if you are not convinced, you will be happy to hear that for this type of LED light Australia has a competitive market too. So, if you are looking for ways to incorporate ambience lighting in your home décor, look no further! Here are some suggestions on how to use LED strip lighting in your home.

stairs strip lights

On the Stairs

The best way to illuminate a staircase is by placing the strips on the stairs. The main reason for this is safety. If you don’t have sufficient light, you might miss a step and fall down. By having a light on every step, you won’t have to rely just on memory – just put your foot down between the lights. Another good reason is not having to fumble with the lights if you wake up in the middle of the night. When your eyes have adjusted to the dark, turning the lights on suddenly can be very uncomfortable.

So, now that we have gone over some of the practical reasons why you should install strip lighting on your stairs, let’s talk about the decorative aspect. Step lights can be left on during the night making your staircase look grandiose. Even the most boring-looking stairs can look like you have gone all out on decorating your home. Whether you decide to add strip lighting to your stairs indoors or outdoors, you can definitely leave out all other decorations.

On the Shelves

Do you have a book collection or family photos displayed on shelves that you are proud of? Well, with strip lighting you can add emphasis to each shelf while any other type of lighting can either be placed on the sides of the shelves or above the top shelf. Besides this, you can cut the strip in smaller pieces and create a light pattern. There are a lot of possibilities, just get creative!

headboard strip lights

Around Your Headboard

As if regular LED strip lighting wasn’t good enough, you can also get RGB LED strips! In this case, RGB stands for red, green and blue. Let’s not forget white too! Just position the strips next to your headboard and voila – you have made yourself some dimmed lights for a romantic night in bed. And if you fall asleep the lights won’t be bright enough to wake you, but they will be just bright enough if you wake up in the middle of the night to find your way and admire the ambience.

strip lights in kitchen

Around Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since the appearance of LED lights Australia has been trying to make the switch to using this great new technology in order to preserve energy. This has proven to be great for the environment, as well as the budget of homeowners. Apart from using a more energy-efficient lighting solution, another step towards a greener environment is using precisely the amount of energy you need. So, while you definitely need your kitchen space to be well-illuminated when cooking, you only need a small amount of light to get yourself a glass of water during the night. Placing a few small strips above your sink, or even around all of your kitchen cabinets, you will create a bright enough kitchen space to move around in any time of the day.

strip lights on mirror

On Your Mirror

You know those mirrors lined with big light bulbs that blind you? Well if you like how they look but don’t really enjoy their high light output, you now have a better alternative. You can use strip lighting with a lower brightness output to decorate the mirrors in your bathroom, bedroom, hallway, or any other room to create the mirror of your dreams.

wall strip lights

Around Your Wall Art

With strategically placed, LED strip lighting around your paintings, your home will look like an art gallery! In addition to being able to accentuate paintings, you can also create your own wall art with the strips. Place them in the form of squares or triangles or whatever else comes to your mind. Just grab a tape measure beforehand to find out the ideal sizes, as when it comes to strip LED light Australia online shopping sites offer different dimensions.

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