Light Knitwear: The Suggested Year-Round Wardrobe Staple for Ladies

Now that winter has made its way in Australia, you probably took out all the winter essentials from your wardrobe. The warm and cosy tops, bottoms, mid-layers, top-layers, boots, and fancy accessories like hats and gloves are all part of the cold-day ensembles some of us would rather just keep on wearing throughout the rest of the year too. As it happens, there is a way to implement autumn/winterwear to other seasons and the answer is in knitwear.

Can Knitwear Be Worn in Summer?

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Yes, it can, and this includes the middle of heat waves. It’s the trick up the sleeve when you’re dealing with a summer of extremes too. Much to the amazement of the lady fans of knitted clothing, the solution lies in light womens knitwear that looks stylish and feels good on the skin. It’s the perfect example that this kind of clothing is more versatile than it appears, and when you know what to look for, you can turn it into a year-round wardrobe staple.

How to Wear Knitwear in Summer?

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To be sure you buy pieces you’d truly get to wear on hot days, there are a few factors you ought to consider.

Check the Fabrics

When we think of knitwear, we usually think of something warm and chunky, like wool, however, cotton and linen blends can be equally great options that we may fail to consider. Known for the lighter, breathable, and cooler structure, these fabrics make the perfect base for womens knitwear you can wear time and time again.

They’re equally known for their absorbency and versatility, so you can handle the heatwaves with ease, without worrying perspiration would cramp your style. The same can be said about synthetic blends that are easy to care for on top of it all. Anything that’s soft on the skin and makes for a comfortable feel all day long is a welcome addition to your wardrobe.

Choose the Design Accordingly

On colder days, we need the utmost coverage with the clothing to protect us from the harsh weather, which is why we end up with pieces that are designed to offer as much coverage as possible. In summer, the best course of action when shopping for women knitwear is to choose pieces that are more open and airy to get the needed breathability and make the summer heat more bearable.

This could be split side elements, leg slits, bare shoulders, open back parts… you get the idea. Tops like basic knitted camisoles are a must as they can be worn with anything, from your favourite shorts and skirts to jeans, and even well beyond summer as under layers. Other must include sensual wraps for a figure-hugging outcome that adds the right dose of sophistication to your looks, as much as sleeveless sweater vests and cardigans.

Moving on, you have a huge variety of skirts, dresses in different lengths, from midi to maxi, and loose trousers to choose from too also in terms of knitwear, all breathable and stylish on their own. Sets with tops and bottoms are equally trendy, and you can increase their usefulness if you combine them separately with what you already have in the closet as well.

Basically, you’d make the best choice by getting pieces that are easy to dress up and down as you see fit. There’s something knitted for anyone who wants to take this comfort to the beach too in the form of crochet swimwear – just remember to stay away from the water!

Pick Your Colours Carefully

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There’s a reason you see Bedouins in white throughout the desert; it’s a colour that reflects the sun’s harsh rays and keeps them cool and comfortable more than dark-coloured pieces. Take their example and choose brightly coloured knitwear for sale if you plan on wearing it when the sun is shining bright. Vibrant patterns with bright colours are additionally useful as they boost the aesthetic with summery vibes.

Buy Knowing How to Style

When you set out to shop for knitwear to wear in summer, it could be of help to have some idea of outfits in mind. Just because there’s a variety of pieces in a huge range of colours, patterns and designs doesn’t mean they’re all suitable for you, your taste, and your wallet. Also, be sure to consider what you already have in the closet to come up with combinations you know you’d love to wear.

If the piece is in a knit that’s more obvious and somewhat not that thin, disguise it by mixing it with summer wear, summer sandals and brogues, and accessories like sunglasses and stylish hats. When the weather cools down, and autumn makes its way, think up some outfits to incorporate them further in your wardrobe. This could be with tops like leather and denim jackets, blazers, thicker pants, and trainers, depending on what it is you choose to buy.

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