The Suggested Glove Styles To Wear This Winter

The season of cold and snow is around the corner, so don’t you think it is the perfect time to start creating your fabulous outfit collection for winter 2015. Although fashion trends are moving forward, and there is a new one for every season, certain accessories are simply timeless and always in fashion. Which accessory do you think is a must-have with every winter outfit? Gloves, of course.

Aside from the aesthetic point of view, gloves also offer comfort, warmth and protection. Winter gloves come in many different styles, materials, colours and designs, so there is that perfect pair for every taste and personal preference. From soft knitted styles to plain leather gloves for women, choices are plenty.

Which style is your personal favourite? Are you a ‘plain black’ gal or love to add some colour to your outfit/ Here are few of my top picks.

  • Leather Bow Gloves – Leather gloves for women will never be out of fashion and this is something that women should take advantage of. Regardless of the colour and design, leather gloves for women are the go-to accessory if what you want to achieve is a subtle sophistication and a classic look. Take it up a fashion notch by wearing leather gloves with a bow detail at the wrist. These are cold-weather must and a timeless style, perfect for romantic nights out and daytime as well.

Leather Bow Gloves

  • Plain Black Gloves – These are the classic wardrobe essential. The versatility of black colour makes this style a perfect addition to an array of winter outfits. Greatest thing about the plain black gloves is that every woman can own a pair. Normally, for those who can afford brand shopping, they can get an outstanding pair of plain black gloves signed by some of the greatest fashion names like Burberry, Mulberry, Saint Laurent and Yves. For those tight on the budget, a beautiful pair of plain black gloves can be found at cool $30.

Plain Black Gloves

  • Woven Leather Gloves – The woven leather gloves are the latest trend. This season is all about subtle details. The woven detailing gives a special note to the basic glove design, making it eye-catching and attractive. Designer brands, such as Bottega Veneta and Burberry have already launched their versions. But who can afford $400 for a pair of gloves. I know I certainly cannot. Search online for cheaper replicas.

Woven Leather Gloves

  • Heart Cut Out Gloves – If you the ‘cute’ look is what you’re going for, a pair of heart cut out gloves in red colour is exactly what the doctor has prescribed. Made of leather, featuring heart cut out details at the wrists, these are simply the perfect fashion accessory for women with vigorous spirit.

Heart Cut Out Gloves


Mia Hadson

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