Like Dandelion Dust – Suggested Movie To Watch If Considering Adoption


Like Dandelion Dust is an interesting and well-acted movie, directed by John Gunn. The movie is based on the same book written by Karen Kingsbury, an American Christian author and novelist. Although the movie is not classified as a Christian movie, the viewers can see some spiritual themes and elements in the movie. The director and the actors in Like Dandelion Dust movie have won plenty of awards. The movie is also a winner of the Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award.

This compelling drama explores different meanings of being a parent through the realistic lives of the struggling Porters and the privileged Campbell family. The two families collide for the love of one little boy called Joey. Like Dandelion Dust movie is a story about two families: the Campbells who are determined to keep their son which they have adopted from the Potters few years ago. The six-year-old boy called Joey Campbell lives a perfectly happy life with his parents on the coast of Florida. Everything seems good for the Campbells, until Rip and Wendy Potter knock on their door wanting their son back. The movie exposes the humanity in every character, reminding us that everyone has the potential to be good and bad at some point in our lives.



Jack and Molly Campbell raised their adopted son, but Rip and Wendy Porter changed their mind and use a paperwork problem as an excuse to get their birth son back. Both families begin a legal fight, but they are not villains, because they all love Joey. At the end of the movie, Joey goes to the family who truly loves and cares about him.

Like Dandelion Dust movie tackles sensitive subjects for all people who have been somehow included in the process of adoption. For parents who have adopted children, there is no bigger fear than having their children taken away from the real parents. Beside the fear of loosing their children, the families who have adopted children also fear how their loved ones will react once they found out that they are adopted.

There is no such thing as adoptive parents. There are only parents who change diapers, sing lullabies, feed, set curfews and attend soccer games. After watching Like Dandelion Dust movie, you will find out that the what is most important is to be a parent who will love and take care of its children.


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